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A Quick Guide for Huohuo, the New Limited Five-Star Character in Honkai Star Rail Version 1.5

11 Nov 2023

Hoyoverse recently announced the new limited five-star character that is getting released alongside Version 1.5 – Huohuo!

Huohuo is a five-star wind abundance character, with a playstyle focused around buffing and cleansing debuffs from her allies while healing them.

Her character trailer showcases her clumsy and forever-spooked personality.

In terms of gameplay, here’s a condensed, high level run-down to help you figure out whether you want to roll for her!

  • A lot of her healing power comes from outside of her skill and ultimate. As long has she has Divine Provision, which can be obtained either from when she first enters battle, or after she uses her skill, she will restore HP and also cleanse a debuff on her allies’ turns and when her allies use their ultimate outside of her turn. This does have a maximum triggerable limit, but using her skill refreshes this.
  • Her skill actively refreshes her Divine Provision ability, and refreshes any trigger limit for the healing and debuff cleansing. It also provides an AOE heal.
  • Her ultimate not only regenerates allies’ energy amounts, but also increases their ATK for a number of turns.
  • Her traces give her Divine Provision upon entering battle, increases her chance to resist CC debuffs, and enables her to regenerate her own energy whenever her Divine Provision is triggered.
  • Her technique terrorizes on field enemies, and has a chance to reduce every affected enemies’ ATK for a certain number of turns when entering battle.

Although Hoyoverse has not released any specific numbers, initial comparisons to other playable characters suggest she will be the strongest protector from enemy debuffs in Honkai Star Rail’s released roster. Her ability to provide energy regen and ATK to her allies rivals currently released Harmony Path characters, even though she already provides healing, and isn’t technically a Harmony Path character.

If you want to roll for Huohuo and her spirit tail accomplice, you will be able to do so on November 15th.

All images and video courtesy of HoYoverse