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Three New Playable Characters Announced for Honkai Star Rail

31 Oct 2023

HoYoverse has just announced three new Honkai Star Rail playable characters for a patch after Patch 1.5.

The first character is a Five-star Ice Harmony Character, Ruan Mei.

For many of us, we’ve encountered her in the form of a very powerful Simulated Universe Blessing. From in-game lore, we know she is part of the Genius society with Screwllum and Herta.

In terms of gameplay, she will be our first obtainable limited five-star rate-up Harmony character, with Bronya being the only other five-star Harmony character currently available.

The second character announced is Dr. Ratio, someone who is completely new in terms of in-game lore.

Although we do not know anything about Dr. Ratio at all in terms of lore and story, the official HoYoverse Twitter’s teaser suggests that he is another character centered around intelligence, and that one of his goals is to spread knowledge to cure the “disease of ignorance.”

In the gameplay department, he will be our first single-target offense-focused Imaginary character.

The third character announced is Xueyi.

In terms of story relevance, we have seen her as one of the Ten-Lords Judges. Per the HoYoverse twitter teaser, she is focused on detention, with her iron chains and awls playing thematically into her judiciary focus.

She will be a Quantum Destruction character, the first character with this combat type and path combination.

We will most likely learn more details about these characters, but we will have to wait until Nov 3rd 19:30 (UTC +8). The link for the Patch 1.5 special program livestream, titled “The Crepscule Zone,” is here.

All images and video courtesy of HoYoverse