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FFXIV Endwalker Guide: Thaleia

5 Oct 2023

Spoiler warning: This guide contains information from the FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.5 Myths of the Realm Storyline!!!

Thaleia is the third 24-man raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. It’s available at level 90 as part of the quest The Heart of the Myth. It can be completed via the duty finder.

Encounter 1

6 Serpent of Thaleia

  • Water III – A large, circular AoE.

Encounter 2

2 Triton of Thaleia & 6 Water Sprite

  • Pelagic Cleaver – A long, conal AoE from the Triton.
  • Flood A circular AoE centered on the Water Sprite.
  • It’s also important to note that when the Water Sprites die, they explode in unavoidable, raid-wide AoE for about 12k damage each.


He wants to know how good you are at mechanics.

  • Katarraktes – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage.
  • Rheognosis – Thaliak will place a clone of himself on one side of the arena. This indicates which side a knock-back will come from. Move toward that side. The knock-back will only move you about 2.5 squares.
  • Thlipsis – A stack mechanic.
  • Left/Right Bank – An AoE that cleaves half of the arena based on which direction is named. This is Thaliak’s right or left specifically, so make sure to take note of which way he’s facing. You can also just observe the blue, glowing ball he’s holding up.
  • Left/Right Bank
  • Hydroptosis – Twelve (heh heh) players will be marked with traveling, pink AoE circles. Spread out.
  • Rhyton – Each tank will be marked for a linear tank buster that can hit other players.
  • Tetraktys – This is a game of avoid the triangle. Three sets of 3 teal triangles will show up on the floor, one set after the other. Dodge by moving into the space left safe after the first set go off. Once these finish, 3 more, larger, green triangles will show up in succession. Treat these the same, avoid the glowing shape, standing on the vacant floor, and moving into the cleared space after shapes explode. With these larger triangles, you’ll likely be running around the edge of the arena to avoid them. They move quickly, so so should you!
  • Tetraktys Kosmos – A singular triangular prism (we’re getting mathy now) will appear for a moment before the walls start to fall outward. Stand in the areas where no walls will fall. Moving inside the prism to stand on the triangle that makes up its bottom also does damage.
  • Tetraktys Kosmos – This time, and in all instances of this mechanic to follow, 2 triangular prisms will appear. One will always be in a corner and one will always be in the center hexagon of triangles. Find the safe space where neither prism’s walls fall and get there.
  • Rheognosis Petrine* – In addition to the knock-back from Rheognosis, you’ll also have to observe the Thaliak clone to see if you need to stand on the north or south side of the arena. Avoid the side with the 2 blue, glowing balls.
  • Hieroglyphica – Thaliak will cover all squares on the floor with green energy except for 2. He will then take all the green squares as a unit and turn them in the direction of the spinning indicators (there are 2!) in the center of the arena. Figure out where the blank spots will be after a 90° turn (clockwise or or counter-clockwise, depending on the indicator mentioned) and get to 1 of the 2 of them. You will not have time to adjust after the squares start to turn, as you’ll be pinned in place.
  • Hieroglyphica + Left/Right Bank – Find the eventual location of the singular safe space from Hieroglyphica that will be on the half of the arena also left safe by Left/Right Bank. If you pick incorrectly, you’ll have a tiny moment to cross to the other side of the arena. Use those dashes!
  • Tetraktys
  • Tetraktys Kosmos
  • Rhyton

*Likely repeats from Rheognosis Petrine.


Have you got the stones to face The Navigator?

  • Tempest – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage.
  • Seafoam Spiral – Danger water ripples across the entire floor except the circle under Llymlaen’s feet. Get there.
  • Wind Rose – A point-blank AoE centered under Llymlaen. Move out.
  • Navigator’s Trident – Llymlaen strikes half the arena with her trident, then the other half. There is quite a delay after the first AoE indicator disappears, so don’t be fooled and keep an eye on that cast bar. Do a little back and forth shimmy to dodge.
  • Llymlaen dashes to one side of the arena and projects a large linear AoE across the floor. To either side of the linear, there is also a knock-back, so move in close without touching the center. Her trident strike opens up a mysterious new passage…
  • Wind Rose or Seafoam Spiral
  • Surging Wave (v1) – An arena-wide knock-back will appear centered under Llymlaen, as well as a thin, green indicator right in front of her, pointing toward the new passage. Use the green indicator to line up, ’cause you’re going for a ride.
    • Once you’ve hit the end of the passage you’ll be stunned for just a moment. When you’re free again, run back toward the main arena while avoiding Sea-foam bubbles floating perpendicularly across the path. Why run? The passage is filling in again.
  • Left/Right Strait – Llymlaen swipes her trident through the indicated half of the arena. Make sure to note which way she’s facing.
  • Deep Dive – A stack mechanic.
  • Torrential Tridents – Six tridents will land on the arena floor in sequence, begin glowing, and eventually explode in a large, circular AoE in that same order. Move near the first one, about as faraway as the space between tridents, and step into the clear space left behind, being mindful to avoid any other tridents going off nearby.
    • After all 6 tridents go off, 3 players will be followed by a series of 3 circular AoEs at drop at their feet.
    • Finally, 6 other players will have a pink, traveling AoE applied to them.
  • Denizens of the Deep – A Thalaos and a Perykos serpent will appear, shortly there-after diving out into the waves, but leaving bubbling indicators for where they not only are, but will dive back out from. Avoid!
  • Wind Rose – Keep an eye out for the sea serpents still in play, but move away from Llymlaen.
  • After their first dive, Thalaos and Perykos have taken up new positions from which to dive.
  • Left/Right Strait – The serpents finish their second dive before this goes off. Remember to note where she is facing.
  • Thalaos and Perykos’ third dives go off.
  • Three random players will drop circular AoEs at their feet.
  • Godsbane – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage that also applies a Dropsy bleed effect. After this finishes casting, our two fishy friends leave the arena, but not the battle.
  • Navigator’s Trident
  • Llymlaen moves to the edge to do her knock-back dive again, but her serpent friends assist her this time with dives of their own, so look out for their bubbling indicators on the wave walls. One of their dives will make half of the arena unsafe to be knocked into, as well, so watch for that.
  • Wind Rose or Seafoam Spiral
  • Surging Waves (v2) – The first half of this mechanic functions the same, but this time, instead of bubbles, you’ll have to dodge back and forth to avoid streams of water as you run forward.
  • Left/Right Strait
  • Deep Dive + Hard Water x2 – Thalaos and Perykos will both cast Hard Water along side Llymlaen’s Deep Dive. These stack mechanics happen one after the other for a 3 hit combo.
  • Torrential Tridents
  • Thalaos and Perykos do their dives.
  • Three random players will drop circular AoEs at their feet.
  • Wind Rose or Seafoam Spiral
  • Godsbane
  • Wind Rose or Seafoam Spiral

*Data for the full pattern is inconclusive.


I know, buddy, my limit break isn’t good either. Looks cool, though!

Phase 1

  • Sudden Downpour – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage.
  • Trek Shot – As the name suggests, that AoE cone is going on a trip. Find where the dotted arrow ends up, or look for the arrow indicator on the ground, transpose the AoE to that spot and go there, instead of the orange shape on the ground.
  • Reproduce – Oschon makes a clone that will cast Swinging Draw, which is basically the same thing as Trek Shot. Move to where the AoE conal will end up. Note that the AoE actually travels along the projected path, so you’ll see it move and turn as it goes. If you’re in the right place, don’t freak out. It’ll land and stop moving eventually.
  • Reproduce
  • Flinted Foehn – A 6 hit stack mechanic.
  • Soaring Minuet – Get behind him to avoid the shots covering 3/4s of the arena.
  • The Arrow – A total of 3 tank busters with splash damage, 1 for each tank.
  • Reproduce – Oschon calls 2 clones this time. You’ll need to find the safe space left by both. It’s (usually?) in the corner between the 2 arrow indicators.
  • Sudden Downpour
  • Downhill – Oschon places 12 circular AoEs on the gound.
  • Climbing Shot – A knock-back from the center of the arena, outward. Line yourself up to get knocked back between the AoEs on the ground or use your knock-back invuln’. There should be 2 very obvious safe locations.
  • Soaring Minuet
  • Flinted Foehn
  • Trek Shot
  • Sudden Downpour
  • Sudden Downpour – Oschon likely repeats Sudden Downpour until 50%, but this is unconfirmed. When he reaches 50% hp, he casts:
  • Lofty Peaks – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage that tosses all players into the air and starts the next phase of the fight.

Phase 2

  • Oschon sends out an uncast blast of energy, dealing unavoidable, raid-wide damage.
  • Piton Pull – Oschon will embed pitons into diagonally opposite corners of the platform, then pull them upward and out, forming 2, very large AoE circles. Be in one of the corners where the pitons are not.
  • Piton Pull
  • Altitude – Several small, green AoE circles will be projected across the arena floor, then just as quickly disappear, so make quick note of the places where they are not and stand in those open areas.
  • Flinted Foehn
  • Wandering Shot – Oschon will fire a pair of arrows along a wandering path. Avoid their path, as well as the half of the arena with the ball of wind that the arrows will eventual detonate. Getting hit by the wind ball will throw players into the air.
  • Wandering Shot
  • The Arrow – This is 3 of tank busters, 1 for each tank, but the splash circles are much bigger now.
  • Arrow Trail* – This is very similar to the plane dive bombing mechanic in the last fight of The Copied Factory. Four different lanes of linear AoEs that move from the north to the south will go off at different intervals. You’ll have to dodge from one lane as a wave of arrows pass, into the next before the wave coming at you hits. As this is going on, you’ll also have to dodge random, circular AoEs. You got this!
  • Piton Pull
  • Downhill – Three circular AoEs will appear on either side of the arena, with gaps between. This happens in conjunction with:
  • Wandering Volley – This works almost the same as Wandering Shot, except the initial shot knocks players back. Make sure you’re pushed back between the gaps left by Downhill, as the AoEs go off the same time as the knock-back. The wind ball pops right after that.
  • Piton Pull
  • Flinted Foehn
  • The Arrow
  • Altitude
  • Sudden Downpour
  • Sudden Downpour

*Likely repeats from Arrow Trail.

Encounter 3

10 Angelos Mikros & 1 Angelos

  • Skylight A circular AoE centered on the Angelos Mikros.
  • Skylight Cross – A long, cross-shaped AoE centered on the Angelos. Interruptible.
  • Ring of Skylight – A gigantic donut AoE centered on the Angelos. Interruptible.

Encounter 4

3 Angelos

  • These 3 Angelos tend to cast Skylight Cross and Ring of Skylight at the same time, often overlapping in ways that make dodging annoying. These attacks can and should be interrupted!


Mechanics here might be a big plot point give away. Proceed with caution.

Phase 1

  • Dawn of Time – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage.
  • First Form – The boss will project an arrow indicating their direction of travel when this mechanic eventually goes off; it doesn’t execute the movement or its AoE until all 3 forms are out and it finishes its cast of Quintessence (it’s later, promise). Observe their arms to see which sort of AoE will go off in conjunction with their movement:
    • Orange arms lifted to the right indicate a half-arena cleave on the right side of the line. If you find yourself at a weird angle, also note that the right arms have hands lifted upward at the wrist.
    • Orange arms lifted to the left indicate a half-arena cleave on the left side of the line. Also note that the left arms have hands that point directly out at the angle of the arm.
    • A circle of hands indicates a donut AoE will go off at the end of the line.
  • Second Form – This is the same as First Form, with the origin point of the line starting at the ending point of First Form‘s line. Turn your memory on!
  • Third Form – This is the same as First/Second Form, with the origin point of the line starting at the ending point of Second Form‘s line.
  • Quintessence – At the end of this cast, Eulogia will start travelling along the 3 lines, executing each matched AoE when they reach the end of the line. They pause for a moment as they reach the end point of each line, so you will have a tiny bit of time to adjust.
  • First Form
  • Second Form
  • Third Form
  • Quintessence
  • Sunbeam – A tank buster with a splash damage circle for each tank.
  • The Whorl – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage that also indicates an arena/phase change.

Phase 2

I hope you have a good memory (I don’t), ’cause you’re gonna need it. Also, seriously, it’s spoiler time.

  • Love’s Light – This is a modified version of Menphina’s moon phase mechanic. Four moons at progressively further-along moon phases will appear next to each other along one side of the arena.
  • Full Bright – All 4 moons will begin waxing, filling with light, but as they’re at different phases, they’ll go off one after another. Stand next to the most full moon (or exactly across the arena) and chase the linear AoEs around the circumference of the floor as they go off. These can go either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Just as in the original version, the blasts go off within the marks on the floor.
  • Solar Fans– Azeyma revisits us with her rotating fans. First, the fans will fire out from the boss to either the left and right, or the front and back in linear AoEs. From there, they’ll rotate 4 times, ending up directly in front and behind, or to the sides. If they’re on the sides, you want to be in the front or back, and vice-versa. The cut and dry solution here is that if the fans start on the sides, they end on the sides. If they start front/back, they end front/back.
  • Radiant Finish – The fans explode in huge, circular AoEs.
  • Hydrostatis – Althyk will place 3 puddles, with either 1, 2, or 3 diamonds above them to indicate which will erupt in a knock-back first.
  • Time and Tide – The third puddle’s explosion will always be sped up by Nymeia’s time magic, changing the order in which the puddle will go off, as well as their markers. Consider the explosion order 3, 1, 2, and move to the third puddle (which will soon enough be marked as 1) to get knocked toward the first (newly marked as 2). Then get knocked from the first (new 2) to the second (new 3).
  • Destructive Bolt – A stack mechanic.
  • Hieroglyphica – (We just learned this one!) Thaliak will cover all squares on the floor with green energy except for 2. He will then take all the green squares as a unit and turn them in the direction of the spinning indicators in the center of the arena. Figure out where the blank spots will be after a 90° turn (clockwise or or counter-clockwise) and get to 1 of the 2 of them. You will not have time to adjust after the squares start to turn, as you’ll be pinned in place.
  • Hand of the Destroyer – The boss will start casting this while players are still trapped immobile. You’ll have a small window to adjust to the safe side if the side you picked for Hieroglyphica is the one the boss is punching. Observe the rings next to and behind Eulogia and avoid the side with glowing energy connecting the rings or observe the punching animation of the boss.
  • Matron’s Breath – Nophica will sprout 2 circles of flowers on the floor, 1 blue, 1 yellow. These correlate to 4 pillars of light along one side of the arena, each with a circle of light shrinking inward. When the circles shrink small enough to touch their pillars, they’ll explode. To avoid the damage done by these, stand in the flower patch of the same color.
  • Torrential Tridents – Llymlaen sinks a circle of 6 tridents into the arena floor, one after another. Find the first 1, observe how far away the second 1 falls from it and stand about that far from it in the opposite direction, around where the last trident will fall. When the first trident explodes, move into the safe space left over.
  • Destructive Bolt
  • Byregot’s Strike – Observe the yellow conal AoEs radiating off the boss and stand near the blue knock-back circle at such an angle that the conals won’t hit you when you fly across the arena.
  • Thousandfold Thrust – Halone will begin casting this when players reach the end of their knock-back slide. Her red shields will slide together on one side of her, indicating where her half-arena cleave will go off. Avoid the area while making your way back to the boss. This attack is continuous, so make sure you don’t move back into that space too early.
  • As Above, So Below – Nald’Thal will call up 6 circular AoEs along the center line of the arena, 3 orange, 3 blue. Once they go off, they’ll start traveling out in both directions toward the sides. Observe the color of the walls of the arena to see which AoEs will actually go off. Blue walls mean the orange lanes are safe to stand on, and orange walls mean blue lanes are safe. This will happen in conjunction with:
  • Climbing Shot – The easiest way to handle Oschon’s knock-back shot is to get to a safe lane from As Above, So Below and use your knock-back nullifier. If you don’t have it, choose to get knocked back in a line perpendicular to the line of circles and side step into the safe lane if you don’t end up in the right one. Alternatively, you can get knocked back on the line of AoEs to the side that has the safe color on the end.
  • Soaring Minuet – Get behind the boss. Remember that the circles from As Above, So Below are still going off.
  • Eudaimon Eorzea – Each of The Twelve will use an unavoidable, raid-wide attack, followed by a Thirteenth hit that sends players back into the original arena.

Phase 3

  • First Form
  • Second Form
  • Third Form
  • Quintessence
  • Sunbeam
  • The Whorl

Phase 4

The attacks here show up in a random order, with a few of them coming in unchanging sets as listed below.

  • Solar Fans + Radiant Finish
  • Matron’s Breath
  • As Above, So Below + Climbing Shot + Soaring Minuet
  • Hydrostatis + Time and Tide
  • Love’s Light + Full Bright
  • Hieroglyphica + Hand of the Destroyer
  • Torrential Tridents
  • Byregot’s Strike + Thousandfold Thrust
  • Destructive Bolt
  • Destructive Bolt (Yes, twice.)
  • Eudaimon Eorzea

*Phases 3 & 4 likely repeat until defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Thaleia!