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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Gets Release Date and Nineteen Inches of Sephiroth

14 Sep 2023

During today’s State of Play, a brand new trailer was shown for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. The trailer includes Yuffie, who was seen as a part of Remake’s Intergrade DLC, in addition to the full reveal of Cait Sith and Vincent Valentine. We also get a look at all of the different colored Chocobos, Cloud riding a Segway, Zach, and…you know what? It’s probably easier to just watch the trailer for yourself. There’s a lot.

Members of the team shared their messages on social media, with Director Naoki Hamaguchi saying “We hope you will explore this world in great detail, as nearly 100 hours of adventure awaits.” With the game already announced to span across two discs, it seems that players will be able to sink a lot of time into this upcoming sequel.

The game is now available for pre-order, with standard, deluxe, and collector’s edition options, with the later including a nineteen inch statue of Sephiroth. At the time of publication, the Collector’s Edition appears to have already sold out, with the site being so heavily hit that some users were unable to log-in or check out. Hopefully more stock will show up at a later date.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth will launch on PlayStation 5 on February 29th, 2024.

Images courtesy of Square Enix and edited by Gamer Escape.