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A Guide for The Rising and Moogle Treasure Trove Events

28 Aug 2023

To celebrate Final Fantasy XIV’s tenth anniversary, Square Enix has released two new activities, The Rising and The Moogle Treasure Trove Tenth Anniversary Hunt. As of Sunday, both events are now live! Here are some quick tips for both of the events.

The Rising

On top of enjoying the two event quests, do remember to visit the Rising Vendor. She will carry two limited time orchestrion rolls, a limited time housing poster, and many limited time sparkly visual consumables for next to no gil!

Moogle Treasure Trove: The 10th Anniversary Hunt

To earn many limited-time and rare items, all you need to do to participate in The Moogle Treasure Trove event is to participate in any event marked with a tenth anniversary icon in the duty finder menu!

Here is a quick high level summary of the eligible events:

Although you will not be able to use a smaller group of Blue Mages to farm the irregular tomestones this time around faster than standard jobs this time, due to the four to eight person content being above level eighty, there are some relatively fast PVP duties that can also help you work towards some rare achievement rewards.

On top of Frontline achievement glams and mounts, Rival Wings queues have historically been much more feasible to join during past irregular tomestone events, giving you the opportunity to work towards two very rare Rival Wing achievement mounts, the Magitek Avenger and the Magitek Avenger A1.

From some cursory quick research, there are also Party Finder parties formed to attempt speed kills of Asphodelos: The First Circle available in some data centers, but be aware that results may vary greatly, as many of these parties will have iLvl restrictions of varying levels to achieve faster kill times.

In terms of what treasures from this event we would recommend to prioritize collecting, here’s a quick list:

  • Limited-time only treasures that cannot be traded or obtained any other way – Ten Year Anniversary Framer’s Kit, all of the earrings, Fat Cat Parasol, Taoist Moogle, Scarf of Wondrous Wit
  • Non-tradeable items that can take a lot of time to earn outside of the event – Disembodied Head Mount, Toad Head and Suit, Tyrannosaur Horn, Warrior of Light Card
  • Tradeable items that were quite costly before the event – Samurai Barding, Big Shell Whistle, Verdant Partition

Another tip from us to you all is to change it up! You have a lot of different ways to achieve the events, and you’ll most likely run into some double-dipping for both roulette rewards and irregular tomestone rewards if you queue up duty finder during the event duration.

Images courtesy of Square Enix.