Honkai Star Rail Announces New Nihility Character, Luka

25 May 2023

Honkai Star Rail officially announced a new four-star Physical Nihility character, Luka, on their official Weibo.

We have seen hints of this character in-game previously already. There have been mentions of him from dialogue options with Hook, and one of the NPCs near the boxing ring mentions a fighter with a mechanical arm. He is also the character featured in the artwork of the four-star Nihility light cone, “Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat”

A rough translation of the quote featured on the image is as follows: “I will tell you a secret. To become a champion, train hard while other people are resting.”

He will be the first Physical Nihility character we will have in the playable character roster, although no official release date has yet to be announced. As a Nihility character, his kit will interact with de-buffing and/or damage over time effects.

All images courtesy of HoYoverse