Alone in the Dark Remake Releases October 25, Prologue Now Available

25 May 2023

In August last year we got the chance to have a first look at the Alone in the Dark Remake by THQ. Now, with the release of the game fast approaching, the publisher held a special showcase showing more aspects of the game, its development process and – most importantly – finally give us a release date: October 25, 2023.

The game can be preordered right now and everyone who does preorder can look forward to playing the game with the original sprites as costumes for the characters. The Digital Deluxe Edition also comes with a vintage horror filter pack, a digital artbook, and director’s commentary mode that contains audio logs from Mikael Hedberg, writer and game director of the remake, as well as Frédérick Raynal, the creator of the original 1992 Alone in the Dark.

Cast & Characters

The players will have the option to play the game with two different characters, portrayed by award-winning actors. The first is Jodie Comer as Emily Hartwood, the niece of Jeremy Hartwood who sends her a disturbing letter that sets of the events of the game. Her story is a very personal one which is reflected by both her demeanor as well as the interactions she has with the other characters in the game.

David Harbour, on the other hand, plays a very different character in Detective Edward Carnby, a private investigator hired by Emily to help her uncover the mysteries of the Derceto Mansion. His interactions with the staff are therefore more reserved, underlined with spouts of humor.

Alone in the Dark can be played entirely with either characters, giving players a chance to explore the nuances between the viewpoints in separate playthroughs.

Remaking a Genre Classic

The 1992 original Alone in the Dark preceeds many horror games which have seen their own remakes and remasters in recent years and set examples for an entire genre. But that genre has evolved in the last 30 years, alongside the taste and interest of players in general. For example, the recent remakes of Resident Evil had to weigh the balance between “90s charm” and what should be updated for modern sensibilities.

Alone in the Dark faced the very same issues and now has a chance to learn from its genre peers which it once inspired. The developers at Pieces Interactive made it their mission to retain as much of the original’s atmosphere and ensure that enough references of the classic are in the remake while rearranging some of its parts in new ways to give Alone in the Dark a modern feel. The experience of a haunted mansion was central to the design of the remake, as was as key elements of survival horror: exploration, challenging puzzles, fraught combat, and a deep story.


While the new game starts off very similar to the original story-wise, the Alone in the Dark remake will tread new ground and have a few surprises up its sleeve. Pieces Interactive tread a fine line between offering new and exciting twists for fans of the original while also allowing new players an easy entry into the story without needing prior knowledge.

To tide fans over until the release and give them a first taste of the remake immediately, THQ Nordic is releasing a playable prologue called Grace in the Dark, featuring Grace Saunders, a small girl who explores the mansion while trying to send out a letter and also features in the main game later.

While there will be no combat in this prequel, combat in the remake is as haunting as the rest of the game where players will need to save every single bullet or make use of melee weapons or bottles and other throwables. The prologue’s focus is solely to give players a first taste of the creepy atmosphere of the story.

Grace in the Dark is available right now on PlayStation 5, XBox Series, and Steam. Alone in the Dark will release on October 25, 2023 on the same platforms.

All images are courtesy of THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive.