Virtual Tabletop Game "Dungeon Full Dive" Gathers Your Party This Year on Steam and VR

10 May 2023

Interest in Dungeons & Dragons is higher than ever, despite the recent issues with publishers Hasbro and Wizard of the Coast. The latest movie has been a hit at the box office and many fans are waiting excitedly for the full release of Baldur’s Gate III this summer. And while there are many systems to play it and other tabletop games online with others, none are as fully immersive as playing in person at a table or creating a character in a video game. That is, until now.

TxK Gaming Studios announced a new tabletop game today, Dungeon Full Dive, which aims to revolutionize the virtual tabletop scene and not only allow game masters to create entirely 3D environments for their players but also let them create their characters in that world and control those characters as if they were in a video game.

The announcement trailer above shows a quick overview of the systems amidst the usual chaos of a D&D session and a customary nod towards Critical Role. Dungeon Full Dive will be available cross-platform and be playable in VR for even greater immersion. Dungeon & Dragon‘s 5th Edition rules and systems will be implemented from the start, though support for other systems is planned.

You can wishlist Dungeon Full Dive on Steam right now and join their Discord server to keep up to date with the latest developments!

All images courtesy of TxK Gaming Studios.