Honkai Star Rail Officially Announces New 1.1 Characters

8 May 2023

HoYoverse has announced new characters that will be included in Honkai Star Rail’s Patch 1.1, estimated to release at the beginning of June.

One of the characters will be Silver Wolf. We’ve seen a sneak peak of her at the beginning of the game’s story as a fellow Stellaron hunter alongside Kafka. Based on HoYoverse’s previous IPs, we can expect to see her character fleshed out a lot more during the 1.1 story due to her banner presence. She will be a Quantum Nihility character.

Another character will be Luocha. We’ve seen him as an enigmatic visitor to the Xianzhou Luofu, with the story implying that he is carrying around someone he made a promise to, or at the very least, a memento of said person. Slotting into the idea of diametrically opposing concepts, Luocha will be providing life and healing as an Imaginary Abundance character, with the existing story having provided a very tiny sneak peak at his gameplay.

The third new character revealed by HoYoverse is Yukong. We encounter her in the story relatively quickly after we arrive on the Xianzhou Luofu, and we know her as the helm master of the Sky-Faring Commission. Out of the three new announced characters, the story has revealed the least combat scenes – however, we know that she will be a Imaginary Harmony user, similar to Tingyun, another Harmony Foxian character that reported to Yukong.

We will have to wait a bit – from now until around the first week or so based on current banner timer estimates. Until then, we will continue to see Seele, then Jing Yuan as the limited banner characters for Patch 1.0.

All images courtesy of HoYoverse