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New Honkai Star Rail Lore Drop: History of the Xianzhou

7 May 2023

HoYoverse has dropped another Honkai Star Rail lore trailer. Check it out!

The trailer dives into the history of the Xianzhou, the nation that is the focus of the most up-to-date story for the game currently, and recaps their history with the Hunt Aeon, Lan. The Xianzhou Alliance is home to many playable characters available right now – Dan Heng, Bailu, Yangqing, Sushang, Qingque, and Tingyun.

On top of the history of the Xianzhou Alliance being explained, the trailer concludes with a focus on the upcoming playable character – Jing Yuan, a five-star lightning Erudition playable character.

All images courtesy of HoYoverse