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HoYoverse Releases New Lore Trailer for 'Honkai Star Rail'

5 May 2023

HoYoverse, the publisher of Genshin Impact, has dropped its first lore trailer for Honkai Star Rail. Outside of a link to the YouTube video of the lore trailer, the official page simply had this following text:

“Countless shooting stars streak across the night sky… If you can pick the right one, it will carry your wish to thousands of distant worlds.”

For those who have played through the story that has already been released, we do get a tiny glimpse of the nature of Aeons on how they influence of Honkai Star Rail universe.

In terms of gameplay implications, we do know that each of the Aeons shown in the trailer are gods of each different path, which significantly influence how characters play. In Herta’s Simulated Universe, we also see different gameplay mechanics shaped after the nature of each of these Aeons, so keep a close eye on more information on these Aeons and the different paths for hints as for how future characters may play!

All images courtesy of HoYoverse