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Destiny 2 Kicks Off its Spring Seasonal Event 'The Guardian Games'

2 May 2023

Every live service game needs them: seasonal events. In the case of Destiny 2, these events happen each calendar and in-game season with the Spring event starting on May 2. This friendly competition between the three Guardian classes is very reminiscent of the Olympic Games. After picking up the initial quest in the Tower, players will earn medals from completing activities throughout the game. The class that has collected the most at the end of the event will be crowned Champion for the next year.

The Guardian Games have their own PvE and PvP playlists and also come with their own activity card. Completing the 16 challenges in this card will earn players the “Champ” title and award weapons, gear, and resources.

The Guardian Games are active right now until the end of the current Season 20 on May 23. On top of all this, Bungie is holding another competition in support of both Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee equally: The Guardian Games Cup. Fireteams can compete in the PvP Arena for a chance to win prices and support the charity through donations. For more info and the sign-up sheets for this tournament, head over to the official Bungie blogpost here.

All images courtesy of Bungie.