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Tower of Fantasy Adds New Map, Bosses, and More in Sound of Sea Expansion

28 Apr 2023

With the arrival of Golden Week and the season of gaming conventions looming on the horizon, new updates are springing out of the woodwork for a lot of games. Today, publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio announced that Tower of Fantasy‘s next update will include a whole new expansion!

Sound of the Sea, the title of the MMO’s 2.5 update is coming on May 11 and will send players to a whole new map, introduce new world bosses to fight and add a series of other new challenges for the players.

As the name suggests, you’ll be diving deep into the water in this new expansion. In order to brave this new zone, players will first need to complete a series of missions to upgrade their equipment. Enemies in this zone – contrary to other maps of the game – don’t increase in level according to a player’s own “Wanderer Level” but according to the depth the player will go to in the “Deepsea Caverns”.

On top of new challenges, puzzles, Tower of Fantasy‘s 2.5 update will also introduce a new character: Gnonno, a character able to summon and then control a giant octopus-like creature. She also wields what looks like a mix of a harpoon and a chainsaw that she calls “Mini Hurricane”.

The new update is available on May 11. Tower of Fantasy can be played cross-platform and cross-save on PC, Android, and iOS.

All images courtesy of Level Infinite and Hotta Studio.