Grab the Garlic: Vampire Survivors Animated Series Announced!

28 Apr 2023

Fans of gothic horror and garlic rejoice: An animated series based on the acclaimed and BAFTA-winning indie game, Vampire Survivors, is officially in the works.

The show will be produced by Story Kitchen, a media company led by Dmitri Johnson, who co-produced the Sonic the Hedgehog movies. Joining him will be John Wick creator/writer Derek Kolstad, and former APA agent/partner Mike Goldberg.

The great minds at Story Kitchen will be working closely with the game’s developer poncle and games consulting agency Robot Teddy for support.

Vampire Survivors was the highest-rated Steam game of 2022 (over 180,000 reviews, 98% overwhelmingly positive) and one of the most played games on Steam Deck. The game won 2 BAFTAs (including “Best Game”) and was featured on the New Yorker’s “Best Video Games 2022” list.

The genre-defining horror action game has rogue-lite elements, a wealth of unlockable characters and weapons to aid in your battle against the forces of night. Progressing quickly from a lone fighter of the undead into a fantastically overpowered supernatural being allows you to fulfill the game’s true mission and “be the bullet hell.”

Luca Galante, founder of developer poncle, called the project “a dream come true” to see the game brought to life with the help of such experienced and talented people. But will the series feature any actual vampires? Hard to say at this point, but if it’s true to the source material, we know we can expect thrilling storytelling, amazing animation and a ghoulish cornucopia of undead creatures.

In the meantime, you can play Vampire Survivors on PC, Mac, Xbox, Android and iOS for your gothic horror fix.

Images courtesy of Poncle.