Hands-On: Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series [Switch]

18 Apr 2023

Today, Square Enix released Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series for both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

We had a chance to check out these latest versions of the well-reviewed Pixel Remasters prior to their release in order to get a look at the new features that were added.

Up Up, Down Down, Open Menu, Configuration, Boost

While these console ports are largely unchanged, there are a couple new menu options that players can toggle. The more feature-filled of the two is the “boost” menu. Depending on the title you’re playing, you’ll be able to turn random encounters on or off (you can also do so at any time by pressing in the right joystick) in addition to increasing (or decreasing) the multiplier on Experience Points, Gil earned, and when a game has it, Ability Points.

These options put the Pixel Remasters more in line with the other series entries that have been re-released on consoles in recent years. You can call them cheats or boosts, but in a world where we don’t always have the time to grind out an RPG, I’d be tempted to call them quality of life adjustments. Trying these boosts early on in a few of the games definitely made the grind more tolerable, four times as much in fact. The Gil multiplier was also a wonderful upgrade since it reduces the grinding needed to purchase new items and spells for your party. The boost menu is definitely a welcome addition, and one that I would hope gets patched into the previously released versions of these games for PC and mobile.

A Better Font Choice

The other change made to this release, and one that was largely requested when the Pixel Remasters first began to release, is the addition of a pixel font that more closely mimics the text of the originals. I’m saying closely because even though the new font is still better than what was originally used for these games, it’s still not great either. It’s still very lightweight and the way that tall characters smack right against the bottom of the character name box bothers me every time I see it. Still, Square Enix heard the feedback about the downright awful font used for the initial release and acted on it, adding what is sure to be a lot of people’s preferred choice for a font while playing these games.

Still the Best

While there are only a couple new things added to Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series, it further solidifies them as the best versions of these games. If you haven’t had a chance to check out these titles yet, you can read our reviews of their PC releases below. Please note, though, that the features mentioned above have yet to be confirmed as updates for their previous releases.

A copy of this game was provided by Square Enix for Nintendo Switch. Screenshots taken by reviewer.