Letter From the Producer LIVE LXXIII Announces Fan Fest and More!

8 Oct 2022

The 73rd Letter from the Producer LIVE aired during this years 14 hour broadcast. It featured both a review of the recently released Patch 6.2 Buried Memory, as well as a glimpse at patch 6.25 which will release on Tuesday, October 18.

6.2 Review

To start out the Live Letter, Naoki Yoshida and Foxclon, who, dressed up as a Loporitt, reviewed the various parts of 6.2, again apologizing for the HP values of the final boss in the Savage tier and also explaining why they kept the name of the MSQ trial hidden until the patch- It kept suspense and surprise for the players who expected to face the Archfiends in the same order as in Final Fantasy IV.

After discussing the Trial fight itself, they then discussed the second Savage tier and the recent issues with job balance. With newer fights being designed in favor of Melee DPS, Yoshida acknowledged that Ranged DPS are currently at a disadvantage. Patch 6.25 will only see numerical adjustments for jobs, with more potential updates in 6.28. Adjustments to actions won’t happen until 6.3, mirroring the recent announcement of a rework for Paladin and upcoming changes for Astrologian and Dragoon even later. On top of that, PvP will also see some job adjustments in 6.28. Yoshida also mentioned that the overall feedback regarding the one week delay for the Savage tier was positive and while they haven’t made a final decision, they are strongly considering to keep that change for the next tier.

Last but not least, they reviewed the newly introduced Island Sanctuary, which has been well received. The player base surprised Yoshida with the fervor with which they flocked to their own private island. Initially planned as casual content, the community all over the world made a sport out of this with spreadsheets, timers, and more. Overall, the feedback for Island Sanctuary has been very positive and Square Enix continues to ask for more feedback regarding all their systems.

One feature that they want to implement but haven’t figured out the details and technology yet is the option to place garden housing items on your Island Sanctuary and allowing players to customize their island even further.

What’s coming in 6.25

  • Somehow Further Hildibran Adventures
  • Weapon Enhancement Quests – Manderville Weapons
  • Tribal Quests – Omicrons
  • Variant Dungeons
  • Criterion Dungeons

On top of the list above, which we already knew about beforehand, we also got some new screenshots and a look at new glamour items.

Shortly after the 6.25 release, Square Enix will finally expand the North American Data Centers with a new logical Data Center called Dynamis and four new servers: Halicarnassus, Maduin, Marilith, and Seraph. The expansion will take place on November 1st and may require a full 24 hour maintenance. Square Enix hasn’t finalized the details yet, so the correct length of the maintenance has yet to be decided.

Scenario Team Interview

Yoshdia sat down with Daichi Hiroi, Banri Oda, and Natsuko Ishikawa as they talked about all of their processes when it comes to creating content for the game. In this particular case, they discussed the development of the role quests from Shadowbringers. One very interesting tidbit out of the interview was the announcement of Encyclopaedia Eorzea III, which is nearly been finished in the original Japanese and is now awaiting its English translation. They plan to release both versions at the same time so it will still be some time before we’ll be able to get our hands on it. Additionally, they commented that because they have better print quality in Japan, they will print the books in Japan and then send them overseas.

Fan Fest and Other Announcements

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest pieces of news out of today’s Live Letter was certainly the return of in-person Fan Fests in 2023 and 2024. The North American Fan Fest will return to Las Vegas on July 28-29 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The European Fan Fest will take place in London at ExCel London on October 21-22. The date for the Japanese Fan Fest has not been finalized yet but is scheduled for early 2024.

Yoshida also announced the winning entries for the recent Reaper and Sage weapon design contest as well as the return of a new furnishing design contest.

Lastly, when it comes to merchandise, the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Vinyl LP is now available for pre-order now and will release on December 3, 2023. Additionally, the Orchestral Arrangement Album Vol. 3 will release four days later on December 7.

And last but not least, the All Saints’ Wake event is returning on October 19, one day after the 6.25 release!

Images courtesy of Square Enix.