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Square Enix Urges One-Time Password Use as Account Management System Comes Under Attack by Third Party

6 Oct 2022

Today, in a new Lodestone post, Square Enix advises players to enable the use of a One-Time Password (in addition to changing their passwords) after news broke of a data breach at a “different company”. The post doesn’t mention the name of the company that suffered the breach, but the original Japanese post mentions that the combination of email addresses and passwords from the other company have been used to try and access Square Enix accounts.

As is always the case, it is strongly suggested that players enable the One-Time Password on their account either through their mobile device, or a physical security token.

As a precaution, Square Enix is restricting access to accounts that might have been compromised due to this breach. If you’re one of the affected players and your account access has been restricted, make sure to check for an email from Square Enix which will contain instructions for resetting your account password.

Image courtesy of Square Enix.