Gamescom 2022: Three Ways to Build Your Own Dynasty

6 Sep 2022
Sengoku Dynasty

Publisher Toplitz showed off quite a few titles to press and the public during last weeks Gamescom, three of which we got to take a closer look at. All of those with one overarching theme: Dynasties. By surviving, building and thriving in these games, you will be able to start up your own dynasty and make an impact in three very different settings.

Medieval Dynasty

While Medieval Dynasty already released on PC in September of last year, it recently just got much, much bigger with the Heir update that nearly doubled the word count of the game to 120,000 and also added many other features, optimizations and tweaks. At the same time, developer Render Cube worked on the console port that is set to release October 13, 2022. The in-house port not only guarantees that the console version will have all the same features and options, but also means that the game will immediately come with all DLCs and updates included; including the newly added Heir Update.

The console version will continue using the Unreal 4 engine and is currently in the last stages of optimization. One of the things that is still being adjusted is text size and of course frame rate and resolution. The aim is 60 frames per second at a full 4k resolution but should that aim not be reachable on the consoles, a stable frame rate of 60 FPS is the priority as Toplitz and Render do not plan separate options for performance or resolution modes. That means, the game will be very much the same on console as it has been on PC so far. And the devs plan to keep it like that. Any updates that will come to PC will also come to console. Including modes that will be featured right out of the gate for their other two Dynasty survival games.

Sengoku Dynasty

From the Bohemia inspired setting of Medieval Dynasty to the far east and the land of the rising sun in the Warring State period. Sengoku Dynasty sees the player as a fugitive of these wars shipwrecking at the edge of a destroyed village that is theirs to build up again. Throughout production, developer Superkami made sure to work together with experts in Japanese history to ensure that every aspect of the game are appropriate for both the time and the setting of the game. Be it culture, flora, or religious beliefs and music. Each of them were carefully researched and considered before implementing them into the game.

That also meant that the presentation of the game is somewhat different from Medieval Dynasty. Menus and cutscenes have a distinct Japanese feeling, and the different skills that can be unlocked mirror the setting as well. Players can not only choose between the paths of the leader or the craftsman similar to Medieval but also select the way of the Samurai or the Monk. The latter of which is highly connected to restoring and building shrines and interacting with the different Kami of the land.

Projects in Sengoku Dynasty will also be quite a bit bigger than in Medieval, leading to changes in the inventory system that now works with inventory slots instead of a weight limit. That way not every single log has to be carried around on its own. And if that isn’t enough manpower, you will also be able to play together with up to three friends who can work on projects together.

Sengoku Dynasty is set to release in the first quarter of 2023 on PC. Console versions are planned for the future but the PC release has a clear first priority.

Wild West Dynasty

If the far east is not quite what players are looking for, they can move their gaze to Wild West Dynasty and North America in the 1800s. Look for gold, set up settlements and trade routes and grow not just your own dynasty but also your influence in the region and live the American Dream. The player will have to survive in this harsh and unforgiving environment filled with bandits and other dangers.

Trade is a major mechanic in the game that will allow players to set up caravan routes for different resources to set up new villages and towns faster. And while your workers and helpers are handling all the materials, you can explore caverns and mines and hope to find what everyone is looking for: gold, riches, and fame throughout the region. Like Sengoku Dynasty, a coop mode will be included on launch. Release date is set for the last quarter of 2022 on PC, with potential console ports later down the line when the game has launched successfully and stable.

Both Sengoku Dynasty and Wild West Dynasty are still waiting for definitive release dates, so keep an eye out on their social media channels and Toplitz’s Youtube channel for any announcements, trailers, and developer videos.