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FFXIV Endwalker Guide: The Fell Court of Troia

25 Aug 2022

Spoiler warning: This guide contains information from the FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.2 Main Scenario!!!

The Fell Court of Troia is a Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker dungeon. It’s available at level 90 as part of the quest In Search of Azdaja. It can be completed via the duty finder and is part of the Patch 6.2 Expert Duty Roulette.

Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking in terms of multiple group pulls.

Encounters 1 & 2

6 Troian Sentry, & 2 Troian Scavenger

  • Evil Phlegm – A circular AoE centered on a random player, cast by the Troian Sentry.
  • Dark Arrivisme – A circular AoE centered on the tank, cast by the Troian Scavenger.

Encounters 3 & 4

4 Troian Pawn, 6 Troian Sentry, & 1 Troian Scavenger

  • Condemnation – A conal AoE aimed at a random player by the Troian Pawn.

Beatrice’s Evil Dreamer Brigade

This explanation might seem a little confusing, but the long and short of it is: spam your AoE while avoiding their AoE!

  • 8 Evil Dreamers – You start the battle with a ring of 8 mobs. Just kill ’em.
  • 5 Evil Dreamers – Five more show up, as well as 8 more along one edge of the arena.
    • Dark Vision – The 8 additional Evil Dreamers will charge up lasers and shoot them directly across the arena from themselves through the center. Once they fire off, they’ll join the fray:
  • 8 Evil Dreamers
  • 5 Evil Dreamers – Just for killing! At the same time, 8 more will show up around the edge to charge Dark Vision lasers, and 5 MORE will cast Void Gravity.
    • Dark Vision – The lasers will still shoot directly across through the center. Stand between them beams.
    • Void Gravity – Pink, circular AoEs will travel with all players. Make sure you’re not standing with another player since you’ll be jammed together in between laser beams.
  • 13 Evil Dreamers – They’re done trying to kill you with various AoEs, so now you get a turn to murder them!
  • Unite Mare – Seven Evil Dreamers will space out around the arena evenly and start casting Unite Mare, while 6 more in a line along one side start charging Dark Vision. The lasers will cover a large chunk of the floor, so locate the safe section and kill just 1 of the Evil Dreamers casting Unite Mare to create an actually safe section of floor to stand in.
  • Endless Nightmare – A cluster of, you guessed it, Evil Dreamers will appear and melt into one large 1 that will start casting Endless Nightmare. Kill it before the cast goes off while dodging:
    • 3 Evil Dreamers with circular AoEs will appear.
    • 4 more Evil Dreamers will tether to 1 of the 3 above mob. Once they reach it, they’ll double the size of the Dreamer, increasing its AoE circle size also. You won’t have much time to move out of the larger circle if you get caught in it, so avoid it as soon as you note white head is tethered.
    • This process repeats, with 2 (and then theoretically 3) of the AoE circle heads being tethered and their AoEs growing bigger before exploding, until the final Evil Dreamer is defeated.

Encounters 5 & 6

2 Troian Hounds, 1 Troian Footman, 4 Troian Guard, & 1 Troian Rider

  • Grim Halo – A large, circular AoE centered on a random player, cast by the Footman.
  • Void Trap – A circular AoE centered on a random player, cast by the Guard.
  • Geirrothr – A conal AoE centered on a random player, cast by the Rider.

Encounters 7 & 8

4 Troian Hounds, 3 Troian Knights, & 1 Troian Bishop

  • Hall of Sorrow – A large, circular AoE aimed at a random player, cast by the Troian Knight.
  • Jester’s Reaper – A large, conal AoE aimed at the tank, executed by the Troian Bishop.


Maybe she won’t run away this time…

  • Eye of Troia – This does unavoidable (get it), raid-wide damage and starts a purple ring with gaze attack indicators shrinking toward the center of the room. Once it shrinks its way into nothingness at the center, a gaze attack that applies Doom will go off, so look outward. This Doom debuff can be cleared with esuna.
  • Beatific Scorn* – Beatrice laser-shoots a purple arc on one half of the room, followed by a line from the center of the room, outward, then another arc on the other side of the room, and finally, another line from the center, outward. These will explode in the order they were put down, but can be a little hard to keep track of since they don’t explode in the shapes that were put down, but instead, lines of circular AoEs following the lines’ shapes. Luckily, the method to deal with this mechanic is actually pretty easy:
    • Stand on the last straight line that was put down and move to the first curve that explodes and leaves a safe spot.
  • Hush – A tank buster.
  • Voidshaker – Beatrice will target a random player with a large, conal AoE, then all players will be marked with traveling, pink AoE circles. Spread out in the safe area.
  • Eye of Troia – This time 2 pairs of 2 purple rings each will appear. Make sure to look away from both rings in sequence, and remember that you’re technically looking away from something if it’s directly beside you.
  • Toric Void – The boss will summon 2 donut AoEs center on the arena floor, one after another as you’re dealing with the Eye of Troia rings.
  • Antipressure – An uncast stack marker.
  • Likely repeats from Beatific Scorn until defeat.

Encounters 9 & 10

4 Troian Trapper, 2 Troian Butler, & 2 Troian Equerry

  • Swoop – A circular AoE centered on a random player, cast by the Equerry. These monsters won’t be visible at first and actually use Swoop to enter the battlefield.
  • Arachne Web – A circular AoE centered on a random player, cast by the Trapper.
  • Dark – A conal AoE centered on the tank, cast by the Butler.

Encounters 11 & 12

3 Troian Trapper, 1 Troian Butler, 3 Troian Equerry, & 2 Troian Steward

  • Karma – A large, arena-spanning conal AoE aimed at the tank, cast by the Troian Steward.
  • Unholy Darkness – A large, circular AoE centered on the Troian Steward.


Many of Scarmigleone’s attacks apply Brain Rot. If you get 3 stacks of this, you’ll die.

  • Cursed Echo – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage that applies a Bleed debuff.
  • Rotten Rampage – Random circular AoEs will show up, leaving very limited safe areas on the ground. At the same time each player will be marked with a pink, traveling AoE, so you’ll need to spread out amongst the rare safe havens. Additionally, if you hit the walls with the pink AoEs, you’ll rot them away. Scarmiglione’s AoEs rot them as well.
  • Blighted Bedevilment – A knockback! Make sure you have your back to a wall so you don’t fly out into the poison ring around the arena. If you don’t center yourself on a segment an d it happens to be an end segment, then you can fly around the wall. Once you leave the poison, you’ll have 15 seconds of damage over time that cannot be esuna’d. Also keep in mind that if you get hit by the purple magic at the origin point, you’ll instantly die.
  • Blighted Bladework – Scarmiglione projects a red line, which he will jump to, creating a very large, circular AoE. Move!
  • Blighted Sweep – Once he lands, run behind the boss to avoid the sweep he does across the entire arena in front of him.
  • Firedamp – A tank buster.
  • Creeping Decay – Scarmiglione summons 8 Necroserfs. You’ll have to kill them while dodging either 8 ground AoEs around the edge of the arena, or 4 clustered in the center. Additionally, either all players will have a pink, traveling AoE on them, or there will be a stack mechanic. Once you finish off the Necroserfs, the boss does an 8-hit combo attack, which can do a fair amount of damage in you’re not prepared for it.
  • Rotten Rampage*
  • Blighted Bedevilment
  • Void Vortex – An uncast stack mechanic.
  • Blighted Bladework
  • Blighted Sweep
  • Firedamp
  • Cursed Echo
  • *Repeats from Rotten Rampage until defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed The Fell Court of Troia!