FFXIV's 6.18 Release and Server Expansion for EU & JP Outlined

21 Jun 2022

Shortly after announcing the next Letter from the Producer LIVE on July 1st, Square Enix finally shared more news regarding the planned server expansions for both the Japanese and European data centers. Naoki Yoshida had last talked about the addition of new servers back in January when the OCE data center opened. Now we have not only a date, but all the details!

Patch 6.18 & Data Center Travel

Both server expansions will coincide with the release of the long-awaited 6.18 patch on July 5th. This will open up the option for region-wide data center travel, meaning players will be able to log out of their home data center and temporarily move to a different data center within their region (NA / EU / JP) and join players on those data centers before repeating the process to return to their home. You can find a full explanation on how this system works, and what the restrictions are, here.

The date for Patch 6.18 is July 5th, and will come after a 24-hour maintenance to implement the extensive server changes. Square Enix has not yet announced the exact start/end time yet, but we will keep you posted!

Japanese Data Center Expansion

As laid out in the January post linked above, the Japanese data centers won’t be getting new servers in this expansion period, but rather a new data center, called Meteor. Existing servers will be regrouped to more evenly spread out the number of servers from its current 10-11-11 system to an even split of 8 servers per data center. This post goes into more detail of the changes. The following graphic shows how the Japanese data centers will look like post-6.18:

Free use of the Home World Transfer

To ensure that players are more easily able to retain their communities, the Home World Transfer System will be made free of charge for players on the Japanese data centers for approximately two weeks following the release of Patch 6.18.

European Data Center Expansion

The opposite is happening on the European data centers. Instead of an entirely new DC (which will come with the next wave of server extensions next year), both current data centers in EU are getting two new servers.

New Worlds in the Chaos Data Center

  • Sagittarius
  • Phantom

New Worlds in the Light Data Center

  • Alpha
  • Raiden

New World Bonuses

To incentivize players to move their characters (or create new ones) on these New Worlds, Square Enix is offering several bonuses to players. These bonuses include 1 million gil for newly created characters on that server (once they reach level 30), 15 days of free play time once per service account, and an experience boost up to level 80. You can find the full list of all incentives and how to obtain them here.

North American Data Center Expansion

A reminder for players on the North American data centers: The server extension in this region is still planned for August of this year with one new data center and four new worlds on the agenda. We don’t know yet whether or not these plans have changed, but we may hear more about the server extension plans during the upcoming Letter from the Producer LIVE on July 1st, so stay tuned.

Images courtesy of Square Enix.