Final Fantasy XVI Arrives Summer 2023

2 Jun 2022

Today, Square Enix released a brand new trailer, “Dominance” for the long awaited Final Fantasy XVI.

Before the trailer premiered, Producer Naoki Yoshida mentioned that they’ll soon be talking with media outlets to release more information about the game. He also shared the following message:

And though the world finds itself in turmoil, we’ll continue to focus on what we do best— making games. For if, through entertainment, we can provide people with something they can truly enjoy maybe we can bring a little happiness to these hard times.

Naoki Yoshida

According to Director Hiroshi Takai, Final Fantasy XVI is now “fully playable from start to finish” as they work on optimization while heading into their final push.

Additionally, several members of the development team have been revealed in a post on the PlayStation Blog. Fans of Naoki Yoshida’s Final Fantasy XIV will recognize some names on the list.

ProducerNaoki Yoshida
Main DirectorHiroshi Takai
Creative Director & Original ScreenplayKazutoyo Maehiro
Localization DirectorMichael-Christopher Koji Fox
Art DirectorHiroshi Minagawa
Combat DirectorRyota Suzuki
Character DesignKazuya Takahashi
ComposerMasayoshi Soken

Final Fantasy XVI is currently set to release Summer 2023 for PlayStation 5.