Square Enix Reinforces Stance on Third-Party Tools Following FFXIV World First Race

9 May 2022

The world race for Final Fantasy XIV’s latest ultimate fight, Dragonsong’s Reprise, ended last week with the European team “Neverland” claiming the title on May 2nd. Since then, other groups have announced their completion of FFXIV’s hardest fight to date, showing off screenshots or clips from their live streams. A video of what was said to have been the world first clear however, has since been taken down on YouTube, citing a copyright claim by Square Enix.

This morning, Square Enix tweeted out a message congratulating the “first teams” for completing the fight. However, they refrain from mentioning any specific team names as they have done previously. Instead, they immediately pivoted to talking about third-party tools, publishing a lengthy post about it on the Lodestone which can be read here.

In the long letter from FFXIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida, he states that the team will be looking into the most prominent HUD-enhancing tools and “endeavor to enhance the functionality of the HUD” of the game in the future. Though that process might take some time and there is no indication of what those changes would look like. That having been said, Yoshida wishes that nothing from the post is used out of context, and so we would encourage everyone to read it, in full, for yourselves.

During the previous ultimate, The Epic of Alexander, some players were seen utilizing third-party tools that gave them an unfair advantage. This led Square Enix to introduce changes in patch 5.2 which removed the ability to change markers during a fight.

Players should be aware that today’s message isn’t some new change in policy for Square Enix. Third-party tools have always been against the game’s Terms of Service and will continue to be a bannable offense. Any player caught using mods do so at the risk of losing their account.

Image courtesy of Square Enix.