Dying Light 2's Giant 1.3 Patch Outlined

27 Apr 2022

Since its December 2021 release, Dying Light 2 has already seen two major patches adding new content, fixing bugs and overall improving the game. Today, the biggest update has just been announced in the form of patch 1.3. The free update will bring updates on several quests, the overall UI/UX, as well as multiple fixes for the gameplay. But that’s not all:

Patch 1.3 will see a whole new mode added to Dying Light 2, New Game+, bringing with it a new legendary weapon tier, enemy scaling alongside the player’s level, and a new tier of encounters.

Additionally, the co-op system will be overhauled massively:

Co-op Updates

  • Fixed connection and stability issues in co-op
    • Fixed connection issues with the players who are further advanced inthe story
    • Improved game performance in co-op
  • Co-op story blocks
    • Fixed an issue that caused blocked progression in a single player game mode after a co-op session
    • Fixed few remaining death loops in co-op
    • Fixed an issue with a missing NPC during the Missing People quest in a co-op session
  • Co-op quality
    • Improved weapon visualization in online menu and inventory
    • Improved handling of challenges requirements in co-op
    • Fixed random bandit respawns while players are still in the bandit camp
    • Fixed issues with the player being unable to access inventory or map after dying several times in co-op
    • Fixed blocked story progression with “enemies nearby” notification
    • Fixed rare issue when a player can’t move after a revive
    • Fixes for far away peer respawn from the host and respawning in geometry
    • Fixed AI jitter in random cases
    • Improved various animations in co-op – f.e. crouching, throwing, using the bow, and more
    • Fixed sound duplication in co-op
    • Fixed rare cases of unresponsive quest radio dialog in co-op, causing story blocks
    • Fixed the display of incorrect icons on the map after a co-op party
    • Fixed “call for help” when the player is being summoned during a gather in co-op
    • Fixed black screens in certain situations that could cause progression blockers during co-op progression
    • Fixed unnecessary “skill requirement” text-glitch in the description of a challenge in a co-op session
    • Updated the time of tutorial windows to 30 seconds during the co-op sessions
    • Fixed a bug that allows player to have multiple story quests active

Lastly, the game will finally bring FOV sliders to the PS5 and XBox Series X version. You can find out more about the game on the official website, and check out our review of the game here.

Featured image courtesy of Techland