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MogTalk Announces Casters for FFXIV World Race For Charity: Dragonsong's Reprise

26 Apr 2022

Dragonsong’s Reprise, Final Fantasy XIV‘s fourth Ultimate fight, is, after several delays, finally upon us. With it comes the race to that prestigious World First claim. As with previous Ultimate fights and Savage raids, MogTalk is once again hosting the “Final Fantasy XIV World Race for Charity”. A recently announced list of 17 hosts will be shoutcasting the progress of several teams, all while raising money for Doctors without Borders.

Joining the hosting line-up is our very own Aetheryte Radio host Rookuri. Additionally, Zepla, a Final Fantasy XIV content creator who had to leave her home in the Ukraine in light of recent events will also aid in covering the event. Another addition to the hosts is former World of Warcraft streamer Mike “Preach” Lamb, who is lending his years of experience with casting and analyzing World First Races in Blizzard’s MMO. He started playing Final Fantasy XIV last year and is now all caught up and ready to experience the endgame content not just first hand but also from a perspective he is very familiar with.

MogTalk will be livestreaming six hours a day on their Twitch channel until April 29th. The streams begin at 4:30am PDT (11:30am GMT) on April 26. We wish everyone participating in the race the best of luck and remind you all to stay fed, hydrated, and to take regular rests.

And to everyone watching: Enjoy the race!