Naoki Yoshida Updates FFXIV Players on Housing Lottery Fixes

19 Apr 2022

Since the report of players being affected by bugs as part of the first housing lottery, Final Fantasy XIV’s Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has posted several updates on the Lodestone. After initially acknowledging the issue and promising a quick investigation into the bug, Square Enix posted a third follow-up on the issue yesterday.

In this post Yoshida explains what happened in the lottery, what went wrong and how it will be fixed. He apologizes profusely and outlines future plans of how the lottery will be addressed going forward. The team plans to start by reproducing the issue to find potential fixes. Afterwards, they will be applying the necessary changes and confirming that the issues are resolved. Lastly, the initial lottery data will need to be restored, so that the winners can accept their housing plots.

Players who have not yet accepted a refund for plots that had the winning number “0” issue won’t have to reapply for the plot once the lottery starts up again. Square Enix has yet to decide how to collect the gil from players who claimed their refunds, but actually won the lottery.

A future Lodestone post will update players on all of the nessecery details. The exact timing of the maintenance will also be announced on the Lodestone.

Image courtesy of Square Enix.