FFXIV Players Plagued by Housing Lottery Issues

16 Apr 2022

With last week’s patch, Final Fantasy XIV introduced a new lottery system to give players a fairer chance at acquiring an in-game house. As the first lottery period concluded this morning, many players began reporting issues with the system and how it drew the winner numbers.

Screenshots are circulating on social media showing “0” as the winning lottery number for many plots and offering players a refund on their unsuccessful bid- even if the player in question was the only person who had purchased a ticket.

Numerous threads on reddit have sprung up as well since the bug has been reported and has now been consolidated into a megathread. The bug seems to affect all datacenters and seems to be randomly appearing both for plots with only one or multiple people bidding on them.

Square Enix has already confirmed the issue on the Lodestone and are “investigating and responding to this issue as soon as possible.”