FFXIV Endwalker Guide: Alzadaal's Legacy

14 Apr 2022

Spoiler warning: This guide contains information from the FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.1 Main Scenario!!!

Alzadaal’s Legacy is a Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker dungeon. It’s available at level 90 as part of the quest Alzadaal’s Legacy. It can be completed via the duty finder and is part of the Patch 6.1 Expert Duty Roulette.

Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking in terms of multiple group pulls.

Encounters 1 & 2

4 Alzadaal’s Langur & 4 Alzadaal’s Qutrub

  • Leaping Cleave – The Qutrub enter the fray with jumps from the underbrush. Make sure to avoid the resulting circular AoEs.
  • Whirling Slash – A circular AoE centered on the Alzadaal’s Qutrub.

Encounters 3, 4, & 5

3 Alzadaal’s Vajralangula, 1 Alzadaal’s Asvattha, & 4 Alzadaal’s Qutrub

  • Bad Breath – A large conal AoE aimed at the player with highest hate by the Alzadaal’s Asvattha.


We can’t have a dungeon near water without a tentacle creature, guys. Keep an eye on the slippery sneaks.

  • Big Wave – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE damage, as well as a 12 second long Bleed debuff, which is not esunable.
  • Tentacle Dig(v1) – Ambujam digs (go figure) their red tentacle into the arena floor. Ripples in the water indicate where the tentacle tip is. Watch it and avoid being near it when it stops. When the red tentacle emerges, it will be the center point for a large, circular AoE that does damage and applies the Toxicosis debuff when it hits a player. Toxicosis is not esunable and lasts 15 seconds, but the damage over time isn’t very strong.
  • Tentacle Dig(v2) – This time both tentacles go on a journey, so you’ll have to watch both moving ripples and find the safe spot. They’ll start moving in opposite arcs, but will eventually turn and go in the same direction. Watch for that and move opposite to them. If they don’t ever move the same direction, you’ll have to judge which side it seems like both are closer to and hope you’re not there, too. The blue tentacle becomes the center of an identical point-blank AoE, which applies a minute long vulnerability up.
  • Toxic Fountain* – Four circular AoEs appear in a semi-random pattern, then 6 more, and finally 2 more, effectively covering the entire arena floor. These 3 clusters of AoE circles will explode in the order in which they appeared, so move to one of the sets that appeared later, then move into the safe areas made by the first groups exploding. Getting hit by these AoEs applies 1 of the same debuffs that the tentacles do depending on which cluster hits you.
  • Big Wave
  • Tentacle Dig(v2)
  • Big Wave
  • *Repeats from Toxic Fountain until defeat.

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t look around while running through this next area!

Encounter 6+

1 Alzadaal’s Rampart

  • Reinforcements – This brings waves of sea creatures from outside the Arrapago Remnants (you can see them waiting on the sides!), inside through its portal. This summoning is not stunnable or interruptible. If you kill the Rampart fast enough, you won’t have to face all of the waves, but if you don’t, prepare to face all of the following:

Wave 1: 2 Bounty Craklaw & 2 Bounty Rockfin

  • Flush – A large, circular AoE centered on the Craklaw.
  • Aqua Spear – A linear AoE that targets and travels with the player with highest hate.

Wave 2: 1 Bounty Monk, 1 Bounty Xzomit, & 1 Bounty Ogrebon

  • Founder – A linear AoE cast by the Ogrebon, aimed at the player with highest hate.
  • Water III – A circular AoE cast by the Monk, and centered on itself.

Wave 3: 1 Shallows Monk, 1 Shallows Xzomit, & 1 Shallows Ogrebon

Wave 4: 1 Shallows Monk, 1 Shallows Xzomit, & 1 Shallows Ogrebon

Encounters 7 & 8+

2 Bounty Vepar, 2 Bounty Uragnite, & 1 Bounty Ruszor

  • Screwdriver – A conal AoE from the Vepar centered on the player with highest hate.
  • Paisynyxis – A conal AoE aimed at the player with highest hate by the Uragnite.

1 Alzadaal’s Rampart

  • Reinforcements – The following will be summoned in waves:

Wave 1: 2 Radiant Crab & 1 Clawtrap Alzadaal XIV

  • Water III – A large, circular AoE centered on the Clawtrap.

Wave 2: 3 Radiant Crab

Wave 3: 3 Radiant Crab

Armored Chariot

  • Articulated Bits(v1) – First, the boss will place a charged AoE circle the size of it’s hitbox under itself, which applies an Electrocution damage debuff if touched. Then bits, which here look like magitek claws, will show up in each of the 4 corners of the arena, with 2 claws marked with dots as “1” and 2 marked as “2”. These sets will be diagonally across from one another. Meanwhile, in the center, the Chariot will put up 2 rounded shields facing each of the claws marked “1”. When the claws fire their lasers at the shields, they’ll reflect off the rounded surfaces and fill their 2 respective quadrants of the arena with continuous laser fire. After they finish, the boss will move his shields and the other 2 claws will have their turns a-firing their lasers. If you’re hit by the lasers, you’ll get a Sustained Damage damage over time debuff, which isn’t overly deadly, but not the weakest DoT we’ve seen this dungeon either.
  • Diffusion Ray – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE damage.
  • Articulated Bits(v2)* – This time, along with the lightning field under the boss, there are 3 sets of 2 claws, which will fire all at the same time in the following patterns:
    • 2 claws will be in opposite corners facing the reflecting shields just like the first sets. This means the quadrants with the single, corner claws are deadly.
    • 2 more sets of 2 claws will appear on edges of the arena in the remaining quadrants without corner claws. These leave thin lines of safety perpendicular to their laser paths in those non-deadly quadrants. Stand next to either of the sets of 2 claws, OR, once in the safe quadrant, use the gap in the shields to determine where the line of safety is if you’d rather stay near the boss.
  • Articulated Bits(v1)
  • Graviton Canon – This is uncast and shows up during the previous Articulated Bits. Each player will have a circular AoE centered on them that travels with them with they move.
  • Articulated Bits(v2)
  • Diffusion Ray
  • Rail Canon – A tank buster.
  • *Repeats from Articulated Bits(v2) until defeat.

Encounters 9 & 10

4 Mystic Weapon, 1Alzadaal’s Guardian, & 1 Alzadaal’s Acrolith

  • Smite of Rage – A linear AoE aimed at the player with the highest hate from the Mystic Weapon.
  • Dominion Slash – A large, conal AoE centered on player with the highest hate from the Alzadaal’s Guardian.
  • Earth Shatter – A circular AoE centered on the Alzadaal’s Acrolith.

Encounters 11 & 12

3 Alzadaal’s Mimic, 1 Alzadaal’s Acrolith, 2 Mystic Weapon, & 2 Alzadaal’s Guardian

  • Deathtrap – A small, circular AoE centered on the Alzadaaal’s Mimic.
  • Bad Breath – A large conal AoE aimed at a random player by the Alzadaal’s Asvattha.


I’m not really sure why this particular guardian is all about the sewing puns, but I’m not overly needled by it. Maybe I’ll stitch together the thread of their logic at some point.

  • Billowing Bolts – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE damage.
  • Spin Out – The boss will select a random pattern of spike plates on the floor to discharge the spikes up from while he grabs each player and wraps them in silks. It will then pull the silks free and send all players spinning uncontrollably across the arena floor like dizzy, toy tops. While you can do nothing to stop your spin, you can determine the direction you will go. However, you can only change your direction a little at a time, so you’ll need plan ahead to avoid the spike traps around the arena. Touching the spikes results in a DoT Stab Wound debuff that remains on you until you leave the spikes, then counts down from 9 seconds.
  • Crewel Slice* – A tank buster.
  • Billowing Bolts
  • Wild Weave – Knotted, silk pulls will appear semi-randomly around the arena in either green or yellow.
  • Power Serge – Kapikulu will charge one of the silks with power that will eventually travel to all other silks of the same color, dropping large, circular AoEs under them. Stand away from the dangerous silks. Note that the one that receives the initial charge will also drop an AoE.
  • Magnitude Opus/Rotary Gale – This will be 1 of 2 mechanics at random.
    • Magnitude Opus – A stack mechanic centered on a random player.
    • Rotary Gale – Each player will be marked with a travelling, circular AoE. Spread out.
  • Spin Out
  • Basting Blade – A wide, linear AoE that the boss sends up the length of the arena along the centerline, taking up a third of the floor in the strike. You’ll have to deal with this while spinning and avoiding spikes.
  • Basting Blade – This second Blade will be along one of the sides, so try and aim to be in the middle once the first Blade goes off if you can. Even if you can’t, getting out of the strike in time is completely possible.
  • Crewel Slice*
  • Billowing Bolts
  • Wild Weave
  • Power Serge
  • Magnitude Opus/Rotary Gale
  • *Repeats from Crewel Slice until defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Alzadaal’s Legacy!