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Sony's New PlayStation Plus Service Comes in June with Three Variants

29 Mar 2022

After months of speculation, Sony has now laid out the new PlayStation Plus service and will launch as soon as June in Japan, with North America and Europe to follow shortly after. Sony plans to have the new system up and running in most PlayStation Network regions by the end of July 2022.

With the update, PlayStation Now will cede operations and will be implemented in the new membership options. These new options are as follows:

PlayStation Plus Essential

This is the original PlayStation Plus subscription which will come with the same features as before. The prices will also stay the same as the current service. Current PlayStation Plus subscribers will be transferred over to this tier as soon as the service transitions.

PlayStation Plus Extra

PlayStation Plus Extra includes the Essential pack and adds up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games and will include “blockbuster hits from [the] PlayStation Studios catalog and third-party partners” according to the initial announcement on the PS Blog. Games in the Extra tier can be downloaded and installed locally.

PlayStation Plus Extra will cost $14.99 per month or $39.99 quarterly / $99.99 yearly. Users outside the US can expect these prices:

  • Europe
    • €13.99 monthly / €39.99 quarterly / €99.99 yearly
  • United Kingdom
    • £10.99 monthly / £31.99 quarterly / £83.99 yearly 
  • Japan
    • ¥1,300 monthly / ¥3,600 quarterly / ¥8,600 yearly

PlayStation Plus Premium

As the name implies, “Premium” is the most expensive and extensive membership option coming to PlayStation plus, clocking in at $17.99 monthly / $49.99 quarterly / $119.99 yearly. This subscriptions adds up to 340 additional games compared to the Extra option. On top of that, PS3 games will be available for streaming and a catalog of classic PS1, PS2, and PSP games will also be added both downloadable and streamable titles for countries where PlayStation Now is currently available. Subscribers can stream and download these games on their PS4, PS5, and PC.

As PlayStation Now is currently only available in a select few countries, the price for PlayStation Plus Premium may vary per country, the standard prices are:

  • United States
    • $17.99 monthly / $49.99 quarterly / $119.99 yearly
  • Europe
    • €16.99 monthly / €49.99 quarterly / €119.99 yearly
  • United Kingdom
    • £13.49 monthly / £39.99 quarterly / £99.99 yearly 
  • Japan
    • ¥1,550 – monthly / ¥4,300 – quarterly / ¥10,250 yearly

Sony does plan to expand its streaming services to new regions in the future, stating any news would be announced at a later date.

Read the official blog post here for further information.