FFXIV Endwalker Soundtrack Gives us Lyrics for Close in the Distance, Flow, and Hic Svnt Leones

28 Feb 2022

With the recent release of the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker original soundtrack, Warriors of Light across the world have begun to get their copies. With this release, we’re finally able to take a look at the official lyrics for a handful of songs that were created for the latest expansion.

Below, you’ll find lyrics for three songs. The first two, “Close in the Distance” and “Flow” are found near the end of Endwalker’s story, so if you haven’t had a chance to complete the Main Scenario yet, you might want to look away. The third song, “Hic Svnt Leones,” is taken from the fourth battle in the Pandaemonium raid.

If you want to sing along to these songs but haven’t had a chance to pick up the Endwalker soundtrack for yourself, you can also get the orchestrion rolls for all of these tracks in-game!

Close in the Distance

Close in the Distance Orchestrion Roll

Whispers falling silently, drift on the wind
But I hear you…
Our journey now a memory fading from sight
But I see you…
Unbroken, promises we made so long ago
You’re still here…
Unspoken requiem for a river of tears

Flowing, winding, toward eternal sea
And yet our hope remains

Guiding, lighting the way
No time for mourning…

[Morning] rises on a land reborn from the ashes
‘Neath the heavens
To sunset, blood-red skies tranquil after the storm
Blessed shadow

Turning, wending, always night follows day
The sun will shine again
Walk on, never look back
Through you, we live…

Tales of loss and fire and faith
Every word on our hearts engraved
In the dark, you will not stray
Forge ahead till the end we pray


Flow Orchestrion Roll

Well come and well met, my brave little spark
How long you’ve wandered, burned bright as a star
Oh, I have awaited you patiently all this time
Past every fate
Now sing with me once more, share of your life
Far greater than memory, its loss and love words cannot hold
Boundless the tale overflows
And carries your light out to sea

Remember the rain, near and far beloved
Each drop a blessing from heavens above
And how as time flowed on those waters became one
Streams, rivers and lakes
Reaching for the horizon and far beyond
They carry onward however changed with each brief reflection, by setting sun
By storm’s wake
Til welcomed home to gentle sea

Sinking deeper and deeper in calm embrace
Loving tides sweep in and bear you down
Should you meet a soul rising surface-ways
With your unbeating heart, wish them well

Deep, dark, far away, I have heard your voice, weighed your every choice
Now our hands join round the meaning you sought
I’ll catch your tears, quench y our fears with joy til you near the shore
Where in time, all shall as hope be reborn, ah

Hush, love, close your eyes, and in sleep abide
As sun’s distant light, echoes down to dreams below
Know you will wake, on winds rise again
For this journey’s end is but one step forward to tomorrow

Hic Svnt Leones

Hic Svnt Leones Orchestrion Roll

Wild shrieks knife through the deep
Natureless creatures perverted and evil
From foul nests rise
A vermin tide

Teeth bared, clawing the air
Sin wrapped in sinew the rats do not fear you
In slaughter’s keep
The piper weeps

Jaws slack, mark on your back
Here in the valley your Death casts no shadow
Seal this fate
Come storm the gate

Laid bare
Picked clean
Bred deep
In the bones that feed the menagerie

Burns hot
Burns brief
All hope
Till there’s nothing left but ash

Dark horizons, boiling seas
From the borders chaos bleeds

Savage nobles, cultured thieves
Here be lions, follow me

Dig in, pull back in the skin
See what’s inside you, the sickness that drives you
Beating black

Pride, greed, in mud thrive these seeds
Rotten and reeking the fruits of your making
Come take a bite

Bite down, blood in the cut
Choking on life as your light’s slowly swallowed
Fade away
Or join the fray

Laid bare
Picked clean
Bred deep
In the bones that feed your insanity

Your mind
Till it shatters just like glass

Dark horizons, boiling seas
From the borders chaos bleeds

Savage nobles, cultured thieves
Here be lions, follow me