FFXIV Gives a Date for Oceanic Servers and Updates for Other Regions and Data Center Travel

14 Jan 2022

It’s no secret that Final Fantasy XIV has been suffering from its recent rise in popularity. The game saw an unexpected surge in players ahead of the release of the Endwalker expansion and, as a result, has had players waiting in long queues in order to just log-in to the game.

Unfortunately, the solution of “just add more servers” has been made incredibly difficult due to the current pandemic and semiconductor shortage, with Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida having stated that even if they offered to pay above market price, the hardly is simply not available.

Today however, we’ve got some good news for those that have been patiently awaiting information about regarding the expansion of Data Centers.

It has been announced that the Oceanian Data Center will be brought online Tuesday, January 25. At the beginning, this new Data Center will play host to five worlds: Bismarck, Ravana, Sephirot, Sophia, and Zurvan. You can read up on the Oceanian Data Center, as well as the bonuses that players will get for transferring to it here.

Along with the opening of the new Data Center, Square Enix will also be resuming the Home World Transfer Service for all players- not just those transferring to the new Oceanian servers.

With all this server talk, Naoki Yoshida also made mention that the previously announced Data Center Travel system is currently scheduled for a 6.1x patch. The system will limit travel to Data Centers within the same region, however, the system itself was designed to allow for cross-region travel, so they’ll be monitoring factors like the in-game economy and decide later on if they want to allow for cross-region travel.

In addition, we have a rough idea of when we can expect to see the other regional Data Centers receive their long awaited upgrades.

North America is planned to receive their expansion in two parts. The first, planned for August 2022 will add one new Data Center with four Worlds. The second part, planned for Spring, or Summer 2023, will add another four Worlds for a total of eight. The team is also considering an even bigger upgrade at the timing of the next expansion.

European Data Centers will also receive a two-part expansion planned for July 2022, and summer 2023. A total of four new Worlds will be added to existing Data Centers in the first expansion. Next year, they will add a new Data Center with eight new Worlds.

Lastly, in July, Japan will receive some changes to their servers as well. As with the other regions, Square Enix will be making sure that each Data Center plays host to no more than eight Worlds. To accommodate this for the Japanese servers, they will be adding one more Data Center, and reconfiguring the composition of the worlds that fall under each.