FFXIV Endwalker Guide: Vanaspati

17 Dec 2021

Spoiler warning: This guide contains information from the FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.0 Main Scenario!!!

FFXIV Endwalker Guide: Vanaspati

Vanaspati is a Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Main Scenario Quest dungeon. It’s available at level 85 as part of the quest Skies Aflame. It can be completed via the duty finder.

Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking terms of multiple group pulls.

Encounters 1 & 2

1 Terminus Trampler, 2 Terminus Shriver, & 4 Terminus Pursuer

  • Tremblor – A large, circular AoE centered on the Terminus Trampler.

Encounters 3 & 4

1 Terminus Trampler, 2 Terminus Pursuer, & 2 Terminus Idolizer

  • Deadly Tentacles – A large conal pointed at a random player by the Terminus Idolizer.

Terminus Snatcher

  • Note of Despair – Arena-wide damage.
  • Mouth Off – Two of the 5 mouths on the floor will be closed with “…” in speech bubbles above them. These will be the safe spots, as all 3 other spots will give you some lip in the form of a circular AoE.
  • Last Gasp – A tank buster.
  • Mouth Off
  • What is Right/Left – This will be in combination with the previous mechanic. Find the safe spaces for Mouth Off, but also take note of which claw is raised. Go to the singular safe space on the opposite side from his slash. You can also just go to the opposite side from the direction in the cast name.
  • Note of Despair*
  • Lost Hope – This will confuse all players, forcing them to run in the direction that the spinning arrow above their head is pointing. As soon as you begin to move, the arrow will lock in place and you’ll only run the one direction. TO adjust this arrow, stop moving until the arrow spins to the direction you need. I find it easiest to make changes in small increments.
  • Mouth Off – Reach either of the safe spots while adjusting your forced directional run from Lost Hope.
  • Last Gasp
  • Mouth Off – In combination with:
  • What is Right/Left
  • What is Right/Left – In combination with travelling AoEs on all 4 players.
  • *Repeats from Note of Despair until defeat.

Encounter 5

1 Terminus Sprinter, & 2 Terminus Howler

  • Hollow Spike – A linear AoE aimed at a random player by the Terminus Sprinter.

Encounter 6

4 Terminus Weeper

  • Bellows – A huge conal AoEpointed at a random player.

Encounters 7 & 8

1 Terminus Howler, 3 Terminus Shadower, & 2 Terminus Sprinter

Terminus Wrecker

  • Meaningless Destruction – Arena-wide damage.
  • Unholy Water – The boss will summon up 6 water bubbles around the edges of the arena.
  • Aether Siphon (v1) – The boss collects water aether to use in:
  • Aether Spray (v1) – An arena-centered knock-back. Avoid getting thrown into the bubbles placed by Unholy Water.
  • Total Wreck – A tank buster.
  • Unholy Water
  • Aether Siphon (v2) – This time the boss collects fire aether to use in:
  • Aether Spray (v2) – With fire aether collected, Aether Spray becomes an AoE that covers the whole from and leaves an unesunable Burn damage over time on you if you get hit with it. To avoid the damage and DoT, jump in one of those bubbles that you avoided earlier. Aim to touch the bubble somewhere around the middle of Aether Spray‘s cast.
  • Meaningless Destruction*
  • Unholy Water
  • Aether Siphon (v1)
  • Aether Spray (v1)
  • Poison Heart – A stack mechanic originating on the player with highest hate.
  • Total Wreck
  • Unholy Water
  • Aether Syphon (v2)
  • Aether Spray (v2)
  • *Repeats from Meaningless Destruction until defeat.

Encounter 9

3 Terminus Robbers, & 1 Terminus Twitcher

Encounter 10

2 Terminus Belwether

  • Wings of Despair – A large linear AoE pointed at a random player.

Encounter 11

4 Terminus Stalkers

These will appear when 1 of the previous group’s Belwethers is defeated.


  • Flames of Decay – Arena-wide damage.
  • Svarbhanu calls up 4 rows of energy on the floor: 2 red, 2 blue.
  • Aetherial Disruption – You’ll see either a large red circle or a large blue triangle in the middle of your screen. Move to the one of the 2 rows on the floor of the opposite shape and color to avoid damage when those explode.
  • Crumbling Sky (v1) – Each player will be targeted with a traveling circular AoE. Avoid your friends.
  • Gnashing of Teeth – A tank buster.
  • Crumbling Sky (v2) – A knock back from the center of the arena outward.
  • Aetherial Disruption – Make sure you’re knocked back into the correct line for your color/shape, or use a knock-back nullifier.
  • Crumbling Sky (v3) – The boss will fly off into the distance and launch meteors at the platform. The meteors it holds aloft correspond to the 4 rows on the platform floor, but there will only be 3 meteors, leaving 1 of the lanes safe to stand in. There will be 3 volleys of these. Along with the 3 meteors from the sky, there will be circular AoEs on the ground to avoid, so watch your feet as you move between lanes.
  • Flames of Decay*
  • Floor aether.
  • Crumbling Sky (v4) – A combination of Version 1 and 2, both the traveling AoEs and the knock-back.
  • Aetherial Disruption
  • Gnashing of Teeth
  • *Repeats from Flames of Decay until defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Vanaspati!