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FFXIV Endwalker Guide: The Tower of Babil

17 Dec 2021

Spoiler warning: This guide contains information from the FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.0 Main Scenario!!!

FFXIV Endwalker Guide: The Tower of Babil

The Tower of Babil is a Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Main Scenario Quest dungeon. It’s available at level 83 as part of the quest Gateway of the Gods. It can be completed via the duty finder.

Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking terms of multiple group pulls.

Encounter 1

5 Babil Slasher

Encounter 2

1 Babil Satellite, & 4 Babil Bit

These won’t appear until you’ve defeated the first set of mobs. Style points for jumping the stairs when you’re done!

Encounters 3 & 4

4 Tempered Imperial, 3 Babil Canis Pugnax, 1 Babil Satellite, & 1 Babil Reaper

  • Spread Shot – A conal AoE directed at a random player OR an NPC from a Tempered Imperial.
  • Magitek Cannon – A circular AoE centered on a random player from the Babil Reaper.


  • Ground and Pound – A linear AoE pointed at a random player. The tell for this is the boss itself charging up as if to punch. The AoE indicator shows up only right before the damage goes out.
  • A electrical field forms around the edge of the arena.
  • Ground and Pound
  • Dynamic Scrapline* – A circular AoE forms in the center of the arena under the boss with 2 either positive (+) or negative (-) symbols rotating around it. At the same time, all players will be tethered to the boss and get either a positive (+) or negative (-) symbol over their head. Lets play the magnet match:
    • If Barnabas is Positive (+) and you’re Positive (+) stand on the edge of the AoE in the center.
    • If Barnabas is Positive (+) and you’re Negative (-) stand on the edge of the outside lightning field.
    • If Barnabas is Negative (-) and you’re Negative (-) stand on the edge of the AoE in the center.
    • If Barnabas is Negative (-) and you’re Positive (+) stand on the edge of the outside lightning field.
    • TLDR: Opposite symbols attract, same symbols repel.
  • Shocking Force – A stack marker will appear, requiring multiple players to soak the resulting damage.
  • Dynamic Pound – The boss will move into the lightning field at the edge of the arena and charge up a positively or negatively charged Linear AoE across the whole floor. As before, position yourself appropriately. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be positioned more closely to the wider part of the circle.
  • Thundercall – A ball of lightning forms in each cardinal direction. Position yourself between 2 so when they suddenly explode, you’re not caught in the blast.
  • Rolling Scrapline – At the same time as Thundercall is happening, the boss will charge up a point blank circular AoE centered under them. This goes off without much warning, so avoid being too close to the middle while positioning yourself for Thundercall.
  • Shocking Force
  • Ground and Pound
  • Ground and Pound
  • Ground and Pound
  • *Repeats from Dynamic Scrapline until defeat.

Encounter 5

3 Tempered Imperial, & 1 Babil Predator

Encounter 6

2 Babil Sky Armor, & 1 Babil Helldiver

  • Aethershot – A circular AoE centered on a random player from a Babil Sky Armor.

Encounter 7

1 Babil Rearguard, & 1 Babil Colossus

  • Cermet Pile – A linear AoE directed toward a random player from the Babil Rearguard.
  • Grand Sword – A large conal AoE centered on a random player from the Babil Colossus.

Encounter 8

2 Babil Avenger, & 1 Babil Death Machine

  • Shouldercannon – A circular AoE centered on a random player from a Babil Avenger.


  • Thermal Suppression – Arena-wide damage.
  • Magitek Missile – Two players will be targeted with the missiles, dropping circular AoEs on the ground.
  • Magitek Ray – A linear AoE pointed at a random player.
  • Downpour OR Magitek Chakram
    • Downpour – This immediately applies a Heavy debuff to all players and starts giving everyone stacks of Breathless. At 8 stacks of Breathless, you instantly die. To avoid this, you use the green panel on the floor with the vaguely toad looking picture on it to become, you guessed it, a toad! Touch the panel again to get rid of the Toad debuff. If you wait until nearly 8 stacks, turn into a toad and back, you should be safe to finish out the duration of Downpour as a humanoid. Note that becoming a frog also removes your heavy debuff, so you may want to remain a frog in some instance to avoid the 3 Magitek Missile mechanics that happen during this.
    • Magitek Chakram – A line of 5 chakrams will appear on one edge of the arena, covering the entire floor with linear AoE indicators. To avoid these, you touch the purple panel and get mini! You can wait to apply the Mini debuff until right before the chakram cast goes off, and then you can remove it immediately. Don’t forget to reapply it before the second line of chakrams finish their cast.
  • Thermal Suppression*
  • Magitek Ray
  • Magitek Explosive – Three spiked bombs will land on the field, eventually projecting crossed shaped AoEs when their cast bars finish. View the floor as a 5 by 5 grid, with the bombs making 3 rows and 3 columns unsafe to stand in.
  • Downpour OR Magitek Chakram
  • *Repeats from Thermal Suppression until defeat.

The next part of the dungeon has several platforms with contraptions that drop from the ceiling and cause large AoEs. Be careful as you gather and defeat your mobs.

Encounters 9 & 10

4 Tempered Imperial, 1 Babil Hexadrone, 1 Babil Roader, & 1 Babil Gunship

Encounters 11 & 12

1 Tempered Imperial, 2 Babil Armored Weapon, 1 Babil Roader, & 2 Babil Hypertuned Specimen

  • Right-arm Blaster – A linear AoE targeted on the player with highest hate from a Babil Hypertuned Specimen.


Phase 1

  • Lunar Nail (v1) – Seven, purple nails (ala Ifrit nails) will show up, marking off quadrants of the arena. Quadrants with nails in the outside corners will become dangerous to stand in, so move to a safe area.
  • Phantom Pain – This is the cast that links the nails together and shows more clearly via purple tethers which quadrants are off limits. If you haven’t already, get to safety.
  • Mega Graviton – Arena-wide damage. It also leaves behind a black hole in each corner.
  • Pater Patriae (v1) – A linear AoE from Anima across the whole arena.
  • Aetherial Pull – The left behind black holes will tether to 1 player each. The goal is to get as far from your tethered black hole as possible until the pink, arrow tether turns into a thin, gold tether. Pater Patriae will go off before Aetherial Pull resolves, so if you can’t safely cross that AoE in time, wait on the edge and quickly cross afterward.
  • Boundless Pain – Thin, blue tethers show up going from the boss to the sides of the arena at the beginning of this cast. At the end, all players are pulled to the center of the floor, where a continuously pulsing AoE will start going off. Evacuate! As the AoE pulses, is also grows larger, so you have to move all the way to a corner of the platform, outside of the large circle pattern on the floor. Arm’s Length and Surecast do NOT work for this.
  • Imperatum – You get a small change in location.

Phase 2

  • Obliviating Claw (v1) – On the left edge of the floor, a pattern of small, circular AoEs shows up. When they go off, they’ll turn into, miraculously, claws, which will eventually move across the arena in linear AoEs. A second set of claw AoEs will show up on the opposite side of the floor in the opposite pattern to the first. Position yourself in the safe area between the first set of claws, then move into the safe area for the second set of claws after the first linear AoEs go off.
  • Obliviating Claw (v2) – Two players will be marked with small, yellow AoEs with single arrows, indicating the mechanic will follow you. Move to one side of the platform to drop the initial AoE, then run to the other side. The claw chasing you will only travel the length of one side. Try and place the AoE and run along a path that doesn’t disrupt your fellow players, like the very front, very back, or up either side.
  • This phase repeats until defeat, then Anima casts:
  • Oblivion – Anima punches the ground many, many times, each doing a bit of damage before 1 final explosion. The arena returns to its original state.

Phase 3

  • Boundless Pain*
  • Pater Patriae (v2) – A linear AoE from Anima, aimed at a random player.
  • Lunar Nail (v2) – Three of the 4 quadrants will be un safe this time.
  • Phantom Pain
  • Erupting Pain – Each player is marked with a traveling, circular AoE. Don’t kill your friends.
  • Mega Graviton
  • Pater Patriae (v1)
  • Erupting Pain
  • *Repeats from Boundless Pain until defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed The Tower of Babil!