Sales of Final Fantasy XIV Suspended to Deal with Continued Congestion Issues

16 Dec 2021

Ahead of the launch of Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion, Square Enix told players in a post what they should expect when it came to server congestion.

Unfortunately, since early access began on December 3, players have been dealing with long queue times coupled with errors that can make them lose their place in said queues. On December 5, they announced that they would be granting all players with an active subscription seven days of free game time to apologize for the issues.

As issues have continued, Square Enix has published another lengthy post today detailing more steps that they’ll be taking in order to deal with the current congestion. In today’s message, the company has announced that they will be granting players another 14 days of game time. Additionally, they will be temporarily suspend both physical, and digital sales of the game as well as temporarily suspend registrations for the free trial.

The many players who have been afflicted by the 2002 error will be happy to know that a bug has been confirmed thanks to the help of players and they expect to patch this along with Patch 6.01 which is scheduled for Tuesday, December 21.

Currently, Patch 6.05 which is scheduled for Tuesday, January 4 and will contain the next tier of Savage raids is set to release as planned. Square Enix is understanding of the concerns that players have, especially regarding the world race scene, however it would take work and delay the patch by several more weeks if they were to simply remove the Savage content from it.

Square Enix has also commented about the status of the expansion of their data centers- something that the company has been unable to address due to the current lack of material availability. They have begun to get information about delivery dates regarding new hardware and they are hoping that they can provide a roadmap by the end of next month.

You can read the post in its entirety here.