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The Music Video for Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker Theme is Here!

16 Nov 2021

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV are eagerly awaiting the drop of the new music from the upcoming Endwalker expansion. Today, Square Enix released a music video of the track “Endwalker“.

The song is performed by Sam Carter from Architects and Masayoshi Soken and The Primals. Lyrics were written by Michael-Christopher Koji Fox with a concept by Natsuko Ishikawa.

This track, as well as Endwalker – Footfalls will be available tomorrow on the Endwalker 7-inch Vinyl Single that’s available online.

Those with a keen eye might notice quite a few easter eggs in the video. From someone reading Heavensward, to references to characters like Tsukuyomi and Emet-Selch. How many nods to the game have you found? Let us know in the comments!