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The Lyrics for FFXIV's Endwalker - Footfalls Have Been Revealed!

12 Nov 2021

As we get closer to the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the Final Fantasy XIV Developer’s Blog has been posting lyrics to the main themes that we’ve heard with all of the expansions. Today, they dropped the long-awaited lyrics for the track we’ve heard in the Endwalker full trailer: Endwalker – Footfalls.

Endwalker – Footfalls

Heart of ember, autumntide
Cooling swiftly, bleeding light
Smold’ring softly, biding time
Marching forward, left behind

Fire as shadows clash
Forgotten footfalls engraved in ash
Fire will be repaid
‘Fore our echoes begin to fade

Fade away… Fade away…

Heart of ember, autumntide
Burning brightly, hot and white
Kindred severed neverwhere
Sorrow’s silence, we needn’t bear

Stories sown along the way
Tales of loss and fire and faith

Dys an sohm in [Our slumber disturbed]
Rohs an kyn ala na [All my brothers wake]
Mah morn [Death comes]
Dys an sohm in [Our slumber disturbed]
Sahl djahs afah an [Vengeance will be ours]

Storm of blood, born from blood, of our fallen brothers
Thunder stilled, oaths fulfilled, now we yearn for freedom

Born in blood (still we forge ahead), stained in red (unto tomorrow)
Bound by love (so we forge ahead), purpose fed (unto tomorrow, bring us tomorrow)
Courage thrives (ever forge ahead), hand in hand (unto tomorrow, welcome tomorrow)
Souls aligned (that we forge ahead), forge ahead (yeah, we forge ahead, yeah, we forge ahead)

Our song of hope, she dances on the wind higher, oh higher
E’er our vows endure, and remain forever strong
Standing tall in the dark do we carry on

On wings of hope, you rise up through the night higher, oh higher
Carrying our song, cradled fast within your arms
That its chorus might ring for all

One brings shadow, one brings light
Two-toned echoes tumbling through time
Tumbling down to the never

Every step we take
Echoes in our wake
Winding ’round our fate
To forge ahead

Should we lose our way
Tire of all this pain
We won’t be afraid
To forge ahead

Fearless hearts ablaze
(When the world comes crumbling down)
No more time to waste
(Know I’ll be there)
No, it’s not too late
(Though our fleeting moment has gone)
To forge ahead
(You’re not–you’re not alone YEAH)

As we ride again
(As you turn your eyes to the stars)
To another end
(Oh, I’ll be there)
Where it all begins
(With my chorus guiding you)
Forge ahead
(Forge ahead)

Those interested in getting the music ahead of the (now delayed) expansion pack can purchase the Endwalker 7-inch vinyl single from Square Enix’s online store which features two tracks: “Endwalker” and “Endwalker – Footfalls”.