Top 10 Questions We Want Answered in FFXIV: Endwalker

25 Oct 2021

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is said to answer many questions that players have had over the games lifespan. Since the original 1.0 version of the game launched in September of 2010, we’ve been presented with a lot of different story beats- some of which have maybe deliberately never been addressed, and some which have simply disappeared into the aether as the team worked on larger plot devices.

As we get ready for the end of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga, we got together and made up a list of our top 10 questions that we want to see answered in the coming expansion.

Look, we know what you’re thinking. “This is a top 10 list, why does this start with 11?” Well, we’ll tell you why! During our discussion of this list on this week’s episode of Aetheryte Radio, we ended up landing on a better question for the top 10 list. There are, after all, a lot of different questions that players will have. We’re almost certain that you’ll have some that didn’t even make our list! Let us know what they are in the comments below!

11. Where is Lorens?

A question we wouldn’t have thought to ask until recently. Her Father’s Daughter tells us of Lorens, first mate and gunner of Merlwyb’s vessel the Lively. He was present when she killed her father with Death Penalty and then he disappeared in the days following the calamity. To have the MSQ dive into the setting of Limsa Lominsa, as well as having Lorens brought up in the short story certainly raises this new question to the forefront, making us wonder if they’re getting ready to introduce us to Lorens in Endwalker or 6.1’s new story.

10. What was the mysterious Primal that Garlemald encountered?

The original website for Final Fantasy XIV noted that the Garlean march from Ala Mhigo to Mor Dhona was interrupted by a Primal. While we aren’t able to narrow down the exact year of this encounter, it seems very likely that this could be the first Primal encounter of this era. What the heck was it?

9. Where is Hildibrand?

The conclusion of his Stormblood questline concluded with Hildibrand Manderville falling into some kind of portal- a setup that would have worked perfectly for a potential arrival on the First in Shadowbringers. However, aside from an appearance in the Heroes Gauntlet as a summoned hero, we never saw Hildibrand. What happened to him after traversing through this rift? What of Gilgamesh, who also went through the portal?

8. Who Created Omega?

We know that Omega and its creators had it out for Midgardsormr and his brood- to the point where they were followed across the stars. Who created Omega and what was the origin of this conflict? We’ve seen in the Endwalker benchmark that some form of Omega is present, might we finally learn more about the history of this conflict?

7. What is the current state of the Thirteenth?

At the end of ShadowbringersVoid Quests– we sent a Porxie to the Thirteenth, otherwise known as “The Void” in order to collect data to see if it was possible to save it in the way that we saved the First. We’re currently waiting to hear back regarding the analysis of the gathered data. The Void has played such a large role in the history of Final Fantasy XIV with entities such as Atomos or Diabolos having prominent roles. What will be the next pieces of news from the Thirteenth? Could this be the new 6.1 story arc?

6. Does the end of Hydaelyn mean the loss of Her Blessing and the Echo?

There are certain gifts that have allowed the Warrior of Light to be free from tempering and to be able to see into the past and relieve moments in history. However, if this is indeed the end of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga, and as a result, potentially the end of both Hydaelyn and Zodiark themselves, does this mean that the hero will be removed of Her gifts at the end of Endwalker?

5. Will the end of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga also mean the end of the Ascians?

I mean there are a lot of options there considering we don’t know if the ones on Gaius’s belt are dead dead or if they’ve been revived in some capacity (looking at you Emmerololth). The Ascians have been the antagonistic force of Final Fantasy XIV– lurking in the shadows (or, technically, without shadows) in 1.0, and their role greatly expanded in A Realm Reborn and beyond. If we truly conclude this conflict between Hydaelyn and Zodiark, does this mean that by relation, the Ascians will also be done?

4. Exactly how much does Faurchenalt and the Forum know about the Ancients?

Saying things like “if the final days were upon us, we would know” was all that was needed to raise an eyebrow at Mr. Levellier, arousing questions of just how much he, and the Forum knows about the civilization of the Ancients. Couple this with the fact that variants of the Shire gear, which was said to be of Sharlayan design, can be found on the First in the ruins of Anamnesis Anyder, one has to wonder if the connections between Ancient Amouratine and Sharlayan are closer than we previously realized.

3. What is “the sound”?

A sound emanated from the depths of the star, causing the ancients to lose control of their creation magic. As a result, monsters formed from their fears. This was the catalyst to the final days, and we still are unsure of what exactly the source of this “sound” was.

2. Is the Warrior of Light Tempered / or a Primal?

For years now, players have been feeding the theory that the Warrior of Light may be tempered by Hydaelyn, or that the Warrior of Light may themselves be a Primal. Think about it- we’re always working to fight off the Ascians who are tempered by Hydaelyn’s nemesis Zodiark. Additionally, we get stronger and stronger with each expansion as word of the Warrior of Light’s deeds spread even further (thanks for the book Sir Edmond!) giving more and more people reason to pray to, or otherwise believe in us.

1. What was the Presence of Silvertear / the “Primalsplosion”

One of the longest running questions we’ve had for Final Fantasy XIV since it’s original 1.0 release centers around its cinematic opening. Just what exactly happened at Silvertear Lake? Midgardsormr and the Agrius collided, the ceruleum tanks exploded as they crashed, and broke some sort of seal underneath Mor Dhona. What was this seal protecting? And why, why was the result of this seal breaking an explosion of Primals?

For even more questions that we want to see answered in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, make sure to check out Episode 207 of our Aetheryte Radio podcast where we talk about some of the questions that didn’t make this list!