Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Hands-On with Warrior

13 Oct 2021

We recently had a chance to play a preview build of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker as part of the North American Media Tour. During our hands-on time, we had a chance to play with many of the updates coming to each Job. For those that we weren’t able to personally get hands-on with, we still had an opportunity to look at the changes that will be coming when Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker releases on November 23.

You can see all of the Warrior changes, along with our thoughts below. Additionally, you can view the upcoming changes on our wiki by clicking on the Endwalker tab on the Warrior Job page.

You can also find more coverage of the Endwalker Media Tour here.

This article is based on play of an in-development build of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, and content in the final version is subject to change.

The Job ability trailer may have looked a little underwhelming for Warrior.

Nothing really huge and flashy, but there are a lot of impactful changes under the hood. The potency shake up and some self-healing changes really makes this Job harder to sus out. So <slaps Warrior> let’s see how many Fell Cleves can fit in this bad boy after all of the changes.

First and foremost, the Storm’s Eye buff has been renamed to Surging Tempest which you’d think wouldn’t matter at all. But this is because now Storm’s Eye and Mythril Tempest both extend as well as apply this buff. Consolidating and changing that buff’s name was probably needed to do this and it is a good example of the little things that devs need to think about with these sorts of adjustments. This is a great change for that little bit of jank that all Jobs with a rotational damage buff go through, I want to see this everywhere.

Berserk and Inner Release have been adjusted as well, gone are the days of trying to squeeze in those 5 GCDs into 10 seconds. Now both buffs have 3 stacks, and each one of those allows use of a Beast Gauge skill without cost. That is a bit of a nerf to the amount, however with the cooldown reduction of both abilities to 60 seconds it sort of comes out in the wash in a long enough fight. These stacks also last for 30 seconds which gives you so much freedom to use them if something interrupts you. This 30 second timer is extra spicy with the knowledge that during Inner Release you are immune to Stun, Sleep, Bind, Heavy and Knockback effects. Does that mean you can just ignore all of those for 30 seconds? I’m not sure yet, but if so that’s another fun wrinkle.

Are you tired of hearing how Hallowed Ground is a better invulnerability cooldown? I mean that may not completely change, but Holmgang’s duration has been increased to 10 seconds bringing it on par with Hallowed Ground. In addition, the cooldown has not been altered so the main difference between them is that Paladin will stay at max health and literally ignore damage while Warrior will still take damage down to 1 but, they can do it more often.

Raw Intuition, Nascent Flash and a new ability have had their effects shifted around in order to add some party utility/defensive cooldown complexity. But in order to get in to that, we need to talk about how Warrior self-healing has changed. In Shadowbringers, Warriors recover HP either as a percentage of the damage they output from certain abilities or as a cure of a designated potency. In Endwalker, all sources of self-healing are now purely cures of specific potencies and not percentage based. It is a very dumb idea to believe that these potencies are not going to be adjusted by release so I am going to ignore them and talk about these in relation to other existing cure potencies to generalize their power.

Raw Intuition at base level now only provides 10% damage reduction for 6 seconds, but now includes a self-healing effect approximately 2 Storm’s Paths per weaponskill used (400 potency at writing). That reduction in damage reduction may seem scary, but it will be back to 10% by max level. Nascent Flash has a lot going on now, and it is great. As before, it shares a cooldown with Raw Intuition and technically has 4 effects. Nascent Flash is the self-buff that restores HP (400 potency per Weaponskill) that lasts for 8 seconds. Nascent Glint is the effect that is placed on the party member you have targeted, this also heals that target as you are healed by Nascent Flash. What’s new are the two additional effects for your party member. Those are Stem the Flow, an additional 10% damage reduction for your target for 4 seconds and, Stem the Tide a barrier heal equal to one of those weaponskill heals. Warrior has been hanging out with Scholar long enough to learn how to shield it seems.

Alright, with that all out of the way, we’re on to the level 80+ abilities. At Level 82 each tank receives an upgrade to their damage reduction cooldown. For Warrior that upgrades Raw Intuition to Bloodwhetting, which is a contender for the most metal ability name added in Endwalker. In effect, it changes Raw Intuition to match Nascent Flash. You’ll receive the normal 10% damage resistance for 8 seconds now the cure per weaponskill, and those Stem the Flow and Stem the Tide effects listed earlier. So yeah, Nascent Flash but for you. Level 86 brings Orogeny an AoE version of Upheaval. The only other note about this is that both Orogeny and Upheaval have no Beast Gauge cost.

Your capstone at level 90 is Primal Rend. This AoE “Fellest Cleve” with a little more damage (700 Potency at writing) than Inner Chaos can only be executed when you have the buff READY TO REND- Oh wait, that would be Gunbreaker, no this one is Primal Rend Ready and granted by Inner Release. That functionally means that this will be used once every 60 seconds during Inner Release. It has some really aggressive damage fall off for AoE situations at a reduction by 70% for secondary enemies which is a little high I think.

I played through the first Dungeon (very poorly) as Warrior and as I look at my footage I did notice that the healing received from Fell Cleve during Inner Release were critical hits so at least there seems to be a few ways to boost the self-healing now that it is not strictly proportional to damage. While we’ll have to see what the self-healing changes really mean for Warrior, at least the rest of the additions and changes make sense and should result a little better quality of life. I know I had so much fun that I will be playing Warrior more in Endwalker myself.