Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Hands-On with Red Mage

We recently had a chance to play a preview build of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker as part of the North American Media Tour. During our hands-on time, we had a chance to play with many of the updates coming to each Job. For those that we weren’t able to personally get hands-on with, we still had an opportunity to look at the changes that will be coming when Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker releases on November 23.

You can see all of the Red Mage changes, along with our thoughts below. Additionally, you can view the upcoming changes on our wiki by clicking on the Endwalker tab on the Red Mage Job page.

You can also find more coverage of the Endwalker Media Tour here.

This article is based on play of an in-development build of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, and content in the final version is subject to change.

Red Mage has always been seen as an easy to play job. It’s true that it has a low skill floor, but as any raiding Red Mage will tell you, optimization is where the true fun is. In Endwalker you’ll have basically the same kit with a few changes that seem simple, but are similarly deep.

One of those deep changes is the rebalancing of your Mana gain and spending. The majority of abilities that gain White or Black Mana have had that gain adjusted. As you’d expect, that changes a little bit of everything. We won’t get into the weeds with this, but as we get to release we’ll see how mana optimization pans out. I can say that in my play, the time to gain 50 Mana felt very similar. That is probably because the melee combo now only costs a total of 50 of each Mana, down from 80. So while these are sneakily huge changes, they will probably even out to similar timings.

Other changes include Corps-a-Corps and Displacement becoming charge based skills with two charges. That will give those good Red Mages some extra movement tech, and give other Jobs double the chance to see a Red Mage launch themselves into space. Acceleration receives the same charge treatment and each charge does affect the next 3 casts as per normal. That is a bit of extra control over procs every minute.

Manafication has been reworked to match these Mana changes. Now instead of doubling your current Mana values you will gain 50 of both types. That is immediately enough for a melee combo, which will definitely play into the opener. It also grants you the same 5% magic damage buff but in a new format. You will gain 6 Manafication stacks that each buff a magic attack by 5%. This is a nifty little change that makes you’re covered for the full 6 part melee combo. More on that later.

Along with the Mana gain changes there are also changes to the Melee combo and how it triggers Verholy/Verflare. Now using each attack in the enchanted sword combo or Enchanted Moulinet will grant you a Mana Stack, those new indicators in the Job Gauge. Once you have 3 stacks, the Verthunder family of spells will become Verflare, and the Veraero family will become Verholy. Yeah… “Family of spells” let’s talk about AoE and those changes.

In Endwalker, Red Mage AoE is probably the most fun it has been. Now, Verholy/Verflare, Scorch and your new capstone ability are AoE. So now the AoE flow could be to build Mana until you can cast 3 Enchanted Moulinet, that would gain you 3 Mana Stacks and then you can finish the normal melee combo with all three spell attacks being quite strong AoEs. This creates a cool kind of symmetry between AoE and single target.

Now we can get into the actual new stuff. Level 82 brings both Verthunder III and Veraero III which are functionally the same as the single target Verthunder and Veraero. Just a little potency bump. Your identity as Progression Mage is secured at level 86 with the new Magick Barrier cooldown. It is a 120 second cooldown that reduces magic damage taken by the party by 10% while increasing HP recovered by 5% for 10 seconds. It is specific to magic damage, but most AoEs from bosses that end up killing you in raids are magic anyway. The extra healing is a nice addition and I think it will be easy to find good uses for this one.

Finally at Level 90 you learn Resolution, that fancy new line AoE from the Job Trailers. It is a combo action of Scorch so you can only cast this at the end of your enchanted melee combo and it does about 10% more damage than Scorch right now. Because it is a line AoE you’ll have to make sure you’re aiming it correctly after the previous AoEs are all circular, but other than that, it is just another big flashy spell and who didn’t want that?

Like I said, Red Mage seems simple but is sneakily complex. Though for career Red Mages these changes don’t seem to rock the boat too much. It should be easy to get into the swing of things. Oh and Embolden is exactly the same. So… It isn’t all perfect.