Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Hands-On with Ninja

We recently had a chance to play a preview build of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker as part of the North American Media Tour. During our hands-on time, we had a chance to play with many of the updates coming to each Job. For those that we weren’t able to personally get hands-on with, we still had an opportunity to look at the changes that will be coming when Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker releases on November 23.

You can see all of the Ninja changes, along with our thoughts below. Additionally, you can view the upcoming changes on our wiki by clicking on the Endwalker tab on the Ninja Job page.

You can also find more coverage of the Endwalker Media Tour here.

This article is based on play of an in-development build of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, and content in the final version is subject to change.

Listen, there is no way we’re going to make it through this article without a Naruto joke. You know it, I know it- It’s fine, let’s just lean into it. Ninja is very flashy, but it also has a few stealthy little changes not seen in the trailer this time around.

The first small change is to Aeolian Edge and Armor Crush. Both of their Ninki gains have been bumped up by 5 to 15 by Level 90. That’s a pretty solid increase and should result in more Bhavacakras in the down time part of the rotation. Mesui now gains a 30 second buff that increases one Bhavacakra’s potency by about 25%. That’ll be fun every other minute as well.

Assassinate and Dream Within a Dream have been fused together, which is strange because I thought I was supposed to be making Naruto jokes, not DBZ. Now Assassinate is a OGCD on a 60 second cooldown gained at Level 40. It has the potency of one hit of Dream Within a Dream and is no longer a Critical Direct Hit. At Level 56 Assassinate upgrades to Dream Within a Dream and its effects are the same as they are now. Strange but alright I guess. It does mean that you don’t have to suffer the Assassinate animation lock at max level anymore, for good and for ill.

The first new ability to talk about is Huraijin, an instant Weaponskill with around the same potency as Assassinate that also extends Huton by 30 seconds up to a max of 60. It has no cooldown and looks like a good way to keep Huton up as bosses annoyingly disappear into the void mid rotation. It’ll also be pretty easy to double weave with but I don’t really see any other use.

Now we’re into the good stuff! Phantom Kamaitachi is a new AoE Weaponskill that requires Bunshin to use. Gained at Level 82, it has a 20 yalm range and a lot of potency. We’re talking Goka Mekkyaku levels of AoE damage once per Bunshin cooldown. Using it does not end Bunshin, but it does take up one stack of the buff, as it is a Weaponskill.

Hollow Nozuchi is the Doton follow up that was shown in the Job Ability trailer. It is a little weird to think about at first but easy to use. All you need to do is have Doton active and do your AoE combo of Death Blossom -> Hakke Mujinsatsu and this will automatically trigger as a pseudo third hit of the combo. Potency is subject to change… But this thing is soft. It might be due to Ninja burst AoE being quite strong or it might be due to Doton being a pet (The Summoner main in me is crying for you) but you will swiftly forget this is a thing if it stays this way and that might be just fine.

It is finally time. At Level 90 you reject the ninja way of your village. Forked Raiju is the new Raiton follow up, an instant gap-closing Weaponskill with the Potency of a newly buffed Bhavacakra. It even gives you 5 Ninki which is nice as it does incur the GCD. But, if you are a true connoisseur of Naruto you know that Sasuke could use this twice in one day, and we are the Warrior of Light damn it! Once you use Forked Raiju you gain the buff Fleeting Raiju Ready for 15 seconds and you can execute Fleeting Raiju which is just about exactly the same as Forked Raiju but with a slight potency increase. In practice, this is seriously fun. There is a little perceived jank for me as they are both GCDs so you can’t use the second one as quickly as you may want to. Obviously we need to seek out a new master and learn some Kinjutsu to make Fleeting Raiju an OGCD- speed is sorta implied in the name.

I do hope you haven’t left because of my stupid jokes. If you’re still here, rejoice with me. Ninja hasn’t had too much of a shake up and the additions are flashy and fun as hell. I don’t really see any losses here unless you were really attached to that Assassinate animation.