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Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXVI Showcases Endwalker Job Adjustments

20 Sep 2021

In the months leading up to a Final Fantasy XIV expansion, we will often see “the mother of all Live Letters”, the Mother Porxie if you will- a broadcast that goes on for hours upon hours while continuously flooding our brains with the exciting changes to our favorite jobs, as well as other changes that will be playable in the very near future.

This past weekend was one of those broadcasts, with the biggest look yet at what players can expect when Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker launches in November.

Job Adjustments

  • General Job Adjustment Guidelines
    • Plans build upon 5.0 adjustments.
      • They know some people prefer complex gameplay and are worried about jobs being dumbed down, but they’re going to stay the course.
    • Recast time of primary abilities will be adjusted to align with the 60 or 120 second timers. (Though admittedly, some abilities have not seen that adjustment as of the timing of this broadcast).

Upcoming Adjustments: Tank

  • Using defensive enhancements at optimal times will grant greater benefits.
  • Adjustments will ensure combos are not broken by ranged attacks.
  • There will be a parity between the physical and magical damage attributes of weapons at the same item level, and accompanying changes to action potencies.
  • Gap closers will be increased to 20 yalms.
  • Paladin
    • Requiescat will now be equally effective regardless of remaining MP.
    • A three-attack combo starting with Confiteor will be added.
    • They hope to make it less “braindead”.
  • Warrior
    • Damage up effects can now be triggered and extended by AoE combos.
    • Onslaught and Upheaval will no longer drain the Beast Gauge.
    • A new action will be available upon execution of Inner Release.
  • Dark Knight
    • Salted Earth will now affect the area immediately around you, and make a new action available.
    • Your simulacrum will also gain a new action when you acquire one of the new job abilities.
    • A single target defense buff.
  • Gunbreaker
    • Savage Claw and Wicked Talon will now swap in for Gnashing Fang on the hotbar, reducing the number of inputs.
    • Continuation will be able to be used following Burst Strike.
    • A trait will raise the maximum number of cartridges to 3.

Upcoming Adjustments: Melee DPS

  • Feint’s effects will be changed to reduce physical damage dealt, and will also reduce magical damage (physical damage reduction will be more potent).
  • Adjustments will ensure combos are not broken by ranged attacks.
  • There will be a parity between the physical and magical damage attributes of weapons at the same item level, and accompanying changes to action potencies.
  • Dragoon
    • AoE rotation will be expanded.
    • A new action will be available upon successful execution of weaponskill combo rotation.
    • Blood of the Dragon will be turned into a trait.
    • Spineshatter Dive will receive 2 charges.
    • Lance Charge recast to 60 (from 90), Battle Litany to 120 (from 180).
  • Monk
    • Chakras will now be unlocked at a lower level.
    • When conditions are fulfilled, Perfect Balance (up to two stacks, 40 seconds to charge) will allow for the execution of a Masterful Blitz. The available Blitz changes depending on the weaponskills used when used the effects of Perfect Balance.
    • There will be 3 chakras, aligned with Yin/Yang. Using them can allow for different combos.
    • True Strike and Twin Snakes will see directional condition removed.
    • Shoulder Tackle will be removed. A gap closer will take its place. You will be able to target party members to rush towards them.
  • Samurai
    • Effects granted by Jinpu and Shifu can now also be applied by AoE combos.
    • A new action in the vein of Iaijutsu and Ysubame-gaeshi will be available.
    • Meikyo Shisui, Tsubame-gaeshi will have 2 charges.
    • When under effect of Meikyo Shisui, using the 3rd action in the combo rotation will grant you the effects of the second action.
  • Ninja
    • Actions linked to Raiton, Doton, and Huton will be added.
    • An action making it easier to apply Huton will be added.
    • Shadow Fang, and it’s DOT will be removed.
    • There will be an action added to Bunshin.
  • Reaper
    • Uses a scythe to attack in tandem with their avatar, and can serve as the avatar’s vessel to unleash more powerful attacks.
    • Able to grant enhancements to party.
    • Unique and specialized actions give them an edge in specific combat situations.
    • Soul gage fills up as you attack. Attacking using the avatar will fill up the Shroud gage.
    • Attacks with the avatar will involve directionals.
    • Will be able to summon a portal to jump forward, or backwards, and then back to the portal.
    • After becoming a vessel for the Avatar, you have a timer, as well as 5 charges.You’ll transform back after one of those are depleted.
    • Leans towards being a pure melee DPS.

Upcoming Adjustments: Physical Ranged DPS

  • There will be a parity between the physical and magical damage attributes of weapons at the same item level, and accompanying changes to action potencies.
  • Bard
    • Each of the 3 songs will make available a new action that applies a party-wide enhancement.
    • A new action will be available upon execution of Apex Arrow.
    • Wanderer’s Minuet and Battle Voice adjusted to have 120 second cooldown.
    • All song’s duration increased to 45 seconds.
    • Bard’s song effect will still not affect themselves due to balancing issues.
  • Machinist
    • A new mechanically themed action called Chain Saw will be added.
    • A new action will be added for the Automaton Queen.
    • Reassemble will be adjusted to have two charges.
  • Dancer
    • Weaponskill effects such as Flourishing Cascade will now be shared across single-target and AoE skills.
    • New actions will be available upon the execution of Technical Finish, Improvisation, and Devilment.
    • Esprit will now always proc from your own weaponskills/spells.

Upcoming Adjustments: Magical Ranged DPS

  • Addle’s effect will be changed to reduce magical damage dealt, and will also reduce physical damage dealt (magical damage reduction will be more potent).
  • Black Mage
    • Enochian will become a trait that is automatically applied while under the effect of Astral Fire or Umbral Ice.
    • Under certain conditions, swapping between Astral Fire and Umbral Ice will make new actions available.
    • Firestarter and Thundercloud procs will now last longer.
    • Blizzard 2/Fire 2 will now have a higher level version. This will change the AoE rotation.
  • Red Mage
    • A new action will be available upon execution of Scorch.
    • Verflare, Verholy, and Scorch will be changed to AoEs, available as part of the AoE rotations.
    • A defensive party-wide enhancement will be added.
    • The Black and White Mana required to use the enchanted sword combo has been reduced.
    • Manafication now directly gives you 50 of both types of Mana.
    • The Mana gain from all abilities has been adjusted to limit the frequency of the enchanted sword combo.
  • Summoner
    • Significant changes to job mechanics.
    • All actions applying damage of time will be removed.
    • Able to summon Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan— not just egis.
    • Augment abilities with elemental properties.

Upcoming Adjustments: Healer

  • New actions that apply single-target buffs will be added to each healer.
  • Cast time for offensive spells will be reduced.
  • The limit break area of effect will be expanded to 50 yalms.
  • White Mage
    • A functionally and visually distinct restorative field action will be added.
    • A higher tier for the Holy spell will be added that gains Lilies.
    • Fluid Aura has been removed.
    • Divine Benison is now an action with charges.
    • The Job should feel much the same as before.
  • Astrologian
    • Diurnal Sect and Nocturnal Sect will be removed, and basic healing actions will be adjusted to have the same effects as they would have while under Diurnal Sect.
    • Neutral Sect will be added. While under the effects, you will have access to Barrier healing actions.
    • The effect of Divination will be changed, and the seals used for the enhancements applied to self.
    • Redraw will no longer be a charge based action. Will now be available after each use of Draw.
    • There will be an AoE spell that does damage and healing.
  • Scholar
    • Pet AI has been adjusted (In the video, the Scholar’s pet reacted immediately to commands)
    • A unique job action which can enhance the party’s movement speed even during combat will be added. This will not stack with sprint.
    • The aforementioned Job action has a AoE damage resistance buff component as well as the AoE movement speed increase.
    • There will be a powerful single target enhancement spell as well.
  • Sage
    • Possesses all the actions essential for a barrier healer.
    • Able to attack enemies and heal designated party member simultaneously.
    • Draws upon unique resources for healing/enhancement and attack magic.
    • Has a unique single target buff, Cardia. This is what designates the party member that will receive healing when you attack an enemy. This healing is a set potency per attack (170 at time of writing).
    • There will also be a toggled buff (think Cleric Stance) that can change your main attack into a DoT. This will then cause your designated healing target to gain healing over time.
    • The Job Gauge resource is called Adder’s Gall. It is gained over time and used for instant barrier spells.
    • Icarus is the name of the gap closing ability.

Battle Adjustments

  • Adjustments to Raid Finder matching for Savage duties:
    • Parties will include one pure healer (white mage/astrologian) and one barrier healer (scholar/sage)
  • Party finder updates
    • Healer category will be split between pure and barrier healer.
    • New option for players who have yet to receive weekly completion rewards will be added.
    • Search results will no longer include parties you cannot join due to the “One Player per Job” requirement.
  • Duty reward adjustments
    • Trials with weapon drops will now drop a weapon coffer in addition to the original reward.
    • The fourth turn of high-end raids released up through 3.x will now drop a weapon coffer in addition to the original weapon reward.
      • (Coils of Bahamut, Coils of Bahamut (Savage), Alexander (Savage)).
    • High-end raids released up through 4.x will now drop gear and accessories in the form of coffers, as in Eden (Savage).
      • (Coils of Bahamut & Coils of Bahamut (Savage) (accessories excluded), Alexander (Savage), Omega (Savage)).

Misc. Battle Adjustments

  • Conditional enhancements can now be separated as a new separate category in the HUD layout.
    • Conditional enhancements refer to “proc”-type buffs.
    • This new category is in addition to the present enhancements, enfeeblements, and other categories for status effects.
  • Improved ground targeting functionality.
    • New settings added to Character Configuration menu.
      • Press action button again to place target circle.
      • Prevent cursor from moving beyond ground targeting range.
  • Display party member’s target when casting.
    • Easier to discern which target your allies are attacking, reviving, etc.
      • It shows which number or letter the target is next to the ability cast.
  • Health bars will be displayed even when incapacitated.
    • This was previously available through the “Always” display setting, but will now be the case when using the default “When HP is below 100%” setting as well.
  • Unreal trials will be temporarily removed.
    • Scheduled to be reintroduced in Patch 6.1.
      • Waiting to rebalance for level 90.

Belt Removal

  • Belts will no longer be equippeable or obtainable via duties and item exchanges.
  • Belts equipped by player characters and retainers, as well as those in the Armoury Chest, will be given to the Calamity salvager (and can be retrieved individually).
  • All other belts will remain in your inventory as-is.
    • Affixed materia ad signatures on crafted belts will remain as-is.
  • A ring serving as a substitute for the Speed Belt obtained in Eureka will be implemented.
    • Speed Belts in your possession can be exchanged after the release of Patch 6.0.

Downscaling Values

  • The difference in gear attributes from levels 50 to 80 will be reduced.
  • Overall HP and damage values will be reduced.
  • Potency of meals, medicine, and materia will also be reduced accordingly.
  • Adjustments to maintain balance with consideration for downscaling of various systems.
  • When using the Undersized Party option, the Enhanced Echo effect will be applied to bring the difficulty balance in line with previous patches (enhancement strength will vary by duty level).
  • EXP gains will be downscaled. Additionally, EXP previously earned from standard dungeon enemies will now be earned from dungeon bosses.

HQ Item Removal

  • Certain items will no longer be obtainable as HQ.
  • Prevents the unintended procurement of HQ items via gathering and other activities, reducing overall inventory bloat.
  • Actions and attributes that affected HQ yields when gathering will be adjusted (primarily changed to affect item yield).
  • Quests, challenge log entries, and achievements requiring HQ items will be adjusted.
  • “More details in the next Live Letter!”

Teleportation and Aethernet Updates

  • Adjustments to teleportation fees.
    • Teleportation fees will be recalculated for 6.0.
      • (The highest price displayed was 1,442 gil and they mention that some teleports may actually be cheaper with this adjustment).
  • Updates will be made to the Aethernet UI.
    • UI now breaks the list of nodes down into areas and shows a map of the area. Clicking on the list brings the matching node to the center of the map. You can also click on the map to select your destination.

 Misc. Updates

  • Progress toward Fisher’s Intuition will remain even after logging out.
  • Due to the urgent need to address server congestion, the Data Center Travel system is scheduled for implementation after Patch 6.0x.