Elder Scrolls Online Monthslong Celebration Now Underway

23 Jul 2021

Seven years after its release, The Elder Scrolls Online has become a very different game than the one that launched back in 2014. The MMORPG prequel to the beloved Elder Scrolls franchise has continued to improve at a pace that puts many others MMO’s to shame, introducing innovations to open world design, non-linear content, housing, and player character customization that are a breath of fresh air within a genre long-stifled by the legacy of games such as World of Warcraft.

The team at Zenimax Online Studios has always kept an eye on the future when creating content and with the release of their latest chapter, Blackwood, this future is looking bright indeed (if not a little fiery thanks to all the Oblivion portals). Including the latest installment, The Elder Scrolls Online now contains around 600 hours of quests, over 25,000 entertaining NPCs, and a world that over 18 million players call home. The game is the most expansive Elder Scrolls title to date and is considered to be the biggest RPG on any console ever released.

Spend a few days exploring the world of ESO and you’ll quickly see for yourself that the game feels like a living world. To celebrate the Tamriel’s inhabitants both in and out of game, ESO launched an equally ambitious global event Following E3 last month, known as The World Plays ESO.

As described in the official announcement, The World Plays ESO “is a massive celebration of everything you can experience in The Elder Scrolls Online, shared via a non-stop series of livestreams hosted by developers, special guests, and Stream Team members.” Members of the ESO Stream Team have been playing through the game’s story chapters and DLC in release order (most recently adventuring in Summerset). Streamers are featured each week on the schedule alongside developer broadcasts and special guests. For a full list of featured players, check out the website and recent weekly updates.

Players are encouraged to join the celebration through a variety of in-game activities. Those that tune into featured livestreams or watch the Bethesda Twitch channel will also have a chance to receive in-game drops, including game codes for the latest Blackwood Chapter, collectibles such as the Pink Torchbug pet, and more. Throughout the event, the hashtag #WorldPlaysESO can be used for those interested in showing off their own journeys in Tamriel.

The world of The Elder Scrolls Online awaits! The celebration runs from June 22-August 19th, so be sure to get in on the fun while you can!

All images from The Elder Scrolls Online website.