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Marvel's Avengers Adds a new Boss Battle, While Putting Players at Risk

22 Jun 2021

Today, Marvel’s Avengers received an update that adds a new villain sector in the form of a battle with Monica and the Cosmic Cube. The fight itself I thought was quite fun. However, those that might be on the fence about picking up the game again and would want to perhaps see the new content streamed will probably be out of luck for a time.

In addition to the new content today, Marvel’s Avengers is also now showing a string of text on the screen immediately after starting the game, that shows your IP address, gamer ID, and local time. This text string also moves around, making it impossible to simply block out for those that might wish to stream the new content.

Early in the day, the official account on Twitter was not entirely clear about the issue, simply telling people that there is a string of text and to refrain from streaming.

Thankfully, they later clarified the issue, and hope to have the issue fixed by tomorrow morning.

Looking to the future, Marvel’s Avengers will release the Battle for Wakanda expansion in August as a free update for all players.

Image courtesy of Square Enix.