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Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2021 Keynote Summary

15 May 2021

Earlier today, Square Enix took to the internet to broadcast the keynote and opening ceremony for Fan Fest 2021. Originally, there were three Fan Fest events that were scheduled to take place around the world, however because of COVID-19, the in-person events were cancelled and the Final Fantasy XIV team decided to make the event digital.

The event’s keynote gave us a Lunar Whale’s amount of info regarding the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion, so let’s go ahead and get into everything!

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Full Trailer

The full trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker kicked off the broadcast, giving players a look at Estinien, Vrtra, Zenos’ new weapon of choice, and the reveal of Old Sharlayan. The song featured in the trailer was composed by Final Fantasy XIV Sound Director Masayoshi Soken, with lyrics by Michael-Christopher Koji Fox and Natsuko Ishikawa, and with vocals from Amanda Achen (Heard in Shadowbringers’ Tomorrow and Tomorrow) and Sam Carter from the band Architects.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is set to release on November 23 later this year.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Collector’s Edition

The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Collector’s Edition was revealed on stage, with FFXIV Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida showing off the physical components on stage. The full details of which are below:

  • Endwalker Special Art Box – A unique glossy white-inlaid box that features an illustration of Hydaelyn and Zodiark by artist Yoshitaka Amano.
  • Expertly Crafted Paladin Figure – An impressive high-quality figure that showcases the Warrior of Light as a paladin using Passage of Arms to shield allies from harm. Including the base, the figure’s dimensions are approximately W 6.10″ x D 8.46″ x H 7.28″ (W 15.5cm x D 21.5cm x H 18.5cm).
  • Art Collection & Frame Set – A collection of ten B5-sized (approx. 7.2″ x 10.1″ / 18.2cm x 25.7cm) art prints featuring key visuals from throughout the history of FINAL FANTASY XIV, from version 1.0 through Endwalker. The set also includes a frame so you can showcase your favorite image.
  • Azem Pin – A pin created to mimic the appearance of Azem’s crystal. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand at approximately 1″ x 1.2″ (2.5cm x 3.0cm).
  • Loporrit Mini Plush – A mini plush version of a Loporrit. The plush is approximately 6.5″ tall (16.5cm).

In addition, those that get the Collector’s Edition, physical, or digital, will also receive the Arion mount, a wind-up Porom minion, and a Death Scythe weapon for the new Reaper job class, inspired by the same weapon in Final Fantasy XI.

Those that pre-order Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will receive a wind-up Palom minion and a Menphina earring which will grant its wearers a 30% experience points boost up to level 80. Pre-orders will also be given early access, which is currently scheduled to begin on Friday, November 19 at 1:00 AM PT.

New Job: Reaper

The new Reaper job will be a scythe wielding melee DPS that will also use the same Maiming gearset used by Dragoons. It’s main feature is an avatar that it can call forth from the void to join in battle, with the Reaper serving as a host for their avatar.

New Areas

New videos and images were shown off for the new areas coming to Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

It’s no secret that the next expansion will be taking us to the moon. We got a glimpse at one area, “Mare Lamentorum”. previously it’s been teased that there could be a group living on the moon, and it was revealed that it will be the new tribe, the Loporrits.

Additionally we were given new images for areas that were previously announced, Garlemald and Thavnair. Videos are available for both Thavnair and it’s capital Radz-at-Han.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will also see the inclusion of The Magus Sisters.

Revealed during the new trailer, players will be traveling to Old Sharlayan during their adventures in Endwalker. Additionally, players will also be able to visit the underground area of “Labyrinthos” which features an artificial sky and sun. Videos of Old Sharlayan and Labyrinthos are also available.

New Dungeons

A short video was shown that showcases some of the dungeons that will release with Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

New Alliance Raid

The new 24-man Alliance Raid will explore The Twelve in a way we haven’t yet seen in the game.

New Gender: Male Viera

After an outcry from the community, it was announced that players will be able to play as male Viera. It was announced that female Hrothgar are also coming at some point after the release of Endwalker.

New Data Center: Oceana

Final Fantasy XIV is played by people all around the world, and unfortunately, some of those players have been dealing with poor latency since the beginning. Square Enix stated that they are committed to the growth of the game and because of this, they will be opening a new data center for Oceana. The launch of this Data Center has been delayed because of COVID-19, and they are hoping to open it by Patch 6.1.