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FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: Paglth'an

16 Apr 2021

Paglth’an is a Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest dungeon. It’s available at level 80 as part of the quest The Flames of War. It can be completed via the duty finder and was part of the Patch 5.5 Expert Duty Roulette.

Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking in terms of multiple group pulls.

Spoiler warning! Be aware that the final boss mob in this guide is a Patch 5.5 MSQ spoiler.

Encounters 1, 2 & 3

6 Tempered Imperial, 1 Telodragonet, 1 Telotulihand, 1 Telovouivre, & 1 Lesser Telodragon

This first group of mobs is as straight forward as can be, with only a few special mechanics. Note that you can destroy the Debris blocking the path and continue pulling mobs. This guide breaks encounters 1-5 into two groups, with the first pack including the Lesser Telodragon beyond the Debris, but with a willing party, you can pull all 5 groups together. If you choose not to break the Debris, the Lesser Telodragon will eventually break through on their own.

  • Fire – Cast by a single Tempered Imperial caster.
  • Plague Swipe – A conal AoE cast by the Telovouivre toward a random player.
  • Engulfing Flames – A wide conal AoE cast by the Lesser Telodragon toward a random player.

Encounters 4 & 5

2 Lesser Telodragon, 2 Telodragonet, 3 Telotulihand, 2 Tempered Imperial & 1 Telovouivre


There’s definitely a joke here about Imdugud (I’m da good) versus Amhuluk (I’ma look), but I’ll leave it up to you guys.

  • Critical Rip – A tank buster.
  • Lightning Bolt – Each player, as well as 4 of the 8 lightning rods around the arena will have a circle of lightning centered on them. Each player must run up to an empty rod and their circle AoE will hop from them to the post.
  • Electric Burst – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE damage.
  • Thunder Call – The boss will call down several balls of lightning that pulse out circular AoE strikes. Locate the larger orbs to avoid then during a later mechanic.
  • Wide Blaster – As the name suggests, a large, wide, conal AoE aimed at a random player.
  • Spike Flail – A thin, conal AoE behind the boss that triggers immediately after Wide Blaster.
  • Lightning Bolt – All of the lightning rods will be open this time, but players must move between the balls put down by Thunder Call to safety rid themselves of their lightning AoEs.
  • Electric Burst
  • Critical Rip*
  • Thunder Call
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Electric Burst
  • Wide Blaster
  • Spike Flail
  • *Repeats from Critical Rip until defeat.

Encounters 6 & 7

4 Tempered Imperial, 1 Telobrobinyak, 1 Teloclaw, 2 Telotek Reaper, & 1 Telotek Sky Armor

  • Magitek Cannon– A circular AoE cast by the Telotek Reaper, centered on the player with highest hate.
  • Fall of Man – A circular AoE cast by the Telobrobinyak on a random player.

Encounters 8 & 9

1 Telotek Reaper, 1 Telotek Sky Armor, & 2 Telotek Dragon

  • Sheet of Ice – A circular AoE cast by the Telodragon on a random player.
  • Frost Breath – A wide conal AoE cast by the Lesser Telodragon on a random player.

Magitek Core

The real boss here is the Magitek Core guarded behind field generators above the arena. Your party must fight through waves of enemies to get the chance to take out the core. Make sure to watch the 3 ceruleum cannons that are part of the platform the Magitek core is on as you fight. Periodically, 2 of the 3 will fire and you’ll need to move to the safe lane.

Wave 1: 3 Tempered Imperial, & 2 Telotek Predator

  • Magitek Claw – A jumping strike by the Telotek Predator aiming at the player with highest hate.

Wave 2: 5 Tempered Imperial

These can, and likely will, appear before the first wave it defeated. Additionally, forces from outside will start interfering on the battlefield. First, a large, circular AoE will appear on a random player, then a knock-back from the center will appear while the ceruleum cannons are firing on either edge, and finally, lines of slow moving missiles will move across the arena. Make sure you get knocked back into the safe area or just use your knock-back nullifier. This pattern will continue until all enemies from the first 2 waves are defeated. Once all mobs are dead, a jump pad will appear under the Magitek Core.

Magitek Core

The goal here is to damage the core to 50% while it fires off round after round of:

  • Defensive Reaction – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE damage.

After you hit 50%, you’ll be throw back down to the arena below.

Wave 3: 2 Telotek Sky Armor, 1 Mark II Telotek Colossus, & 5 Tempered Imperial

  • Aethershot – A circular AoE from the Telotek Sky Armor, centered on a a random player.
  • Exhaust – A long, linear AoE by the Mark II Telotek Colossus aiming toward a random player.

Wave 4: 4 Tempered Imperial, & 2 Telotek Predator

While you fight the above listed mobs, the lines of missiles come into play again, as well as the knock-back and ceruleum cannon combo, and the large, circular AoE. Defeats all enemies to jump back up to the core.

Magitek Core

Finish off that core!

Encounter 10

2 Tempered Imperial, 1 Telotek Predator, & 1 Telodragon

Are you ready for a ride!?

Encounter 11 & 12

2 Telotek Sky Armor, 1 Telotek Vanguard, 2 Telodragon, & 2 Armored Telodragon

  • Thunderous Breath – A wide conal AoE cast by the Lesser Telodragon on the player with highest hate.
  • Tortoise Stomp – A circular AoE centered on the Armored Telodragon.

Lunar Bahamut

A lot of these mechanics will be familiar if you’ve ever dealt with an iteration of Bahamut before.

  • Twisted Scream – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE damage, followed by a pattern of purple, Ifrit-style nails appearing in succession. The first nails to appear will explode first, so avoid the pattern accordingly. For this first one, one side of the arena will be completely open.
  • Perigean Breath – A large conal AoE pointed at a random player.
  • Akh Morn – A group stack mechanic to spread out damage, much like it’s previous versions. This one isn’t nearly as scary, unless you don’t stack, though! Taking this alone will kill most players in 2 shots.
  • Megaflare – Each player will get a red marker over their heads and everyone must spread out to drop AoEs. Once the craters have formed, move out of them!
  • Twisted Scream – As before, this is an arena-wide AoE with nails that spring up. These nails form in a line on either side of the arena, blocking players from the safety of the sides they’ll need for Lunar Bahamut’s next mechanic: Megaflare Dive. These nails explode in opposite sequences. There are multiple methods to avoid both the nails and dive, but here I’ll suggest 2:
Find the side with the sequence of nails that ends at Bahamut’s dive origin and stand on that last nail. Once the dive passes, move to the center.
Find the side with the sequence of nails that starts at Bahamut’s dive origin and stand in the center until that first nail explodes, then move to that side.
  • Megaflare Dive – A linear AoE that spans the length of the center of the arena between the previous Twisted Scream‘s nails.
  • Kan Rhai – One random player will be marked with a cross-shaped marker. Move it out of range of your party mates, and then quickly move out of it yourself when the AoE lands. The resulting cross AoE will pulse for damage several times before disappearing.
  • Lunar Flare – An arrangement of 5 or 8 purple circles will form on the floor and shrink over time. If there are 5 overlapping circles, the eventual safe spots between them will be on the edges. If there are 8, the center will be safe.
  • Gigaflare* – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE damage.
  • Akh Morn
  • Twisted Scream – The lines of nails will now cover the whole arena.
  • Lunar Flare
  • Kan Rhai – All iterations from here on out will have 2 players marked with Kan Rhai.
  • Flatten – A tank buster.
  • *Repeats from Gigaflare until defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Paglth’an!

As always, thanks to the friends who endure countless runs of this content to answer my many guide-related questions. You guys are the best ♥