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Final Fantasy XIV's Data Center Travel is Coming Before Endwalker

9 Apr 2021

Today, with the release of the preliminary patch notes for Patch 5.5 Death Unto Dawn, we’ve finally gotten more information for when Final Fantasy XIV players can expect to be able to travel across data centers to play with even more of their friends.

While not listed in the official notes themselves, the post for the notes on Steam mentions the upcoming feature:

Data Center Travel is scheduled to be implemented in Patch 5.58.

Originally, Data Center Travel was announced during the Final Fantasy XIV Annoucement Showcase back in February when Endwalker was announced. Since then however, Square Enix has been fairly quiet about the feature, with players expecting it to be implemented sometime before the expansion to help ensure a smoother launch.

Considering that this information isn’t listed on the Lodestone, it’s entirely possible that the information on Steam isn’t accurate and could have been removed from the final patch notes as a result. Previously however, the Steam listing for Shadowbringers listed “Kholusia” as a new area before it was officially announced, so that gives us reason to believe that the 5.58 patch timing for Data Center Travel could indeed be accurate!

Via Reddit

Update: The patch notes have been updated and the mention of Data Center Travel has been removed.

Image courtesy of Square Enix.