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Marvel's Avengers Patch 1.5.0 Notes: Hawkeye, Next-Gen and more.

18 Mar 2021

Today, the new V1.5.0 patch is dropping for Marvel’s Avengers. In addition to the normal batch of fixes, this update also gives us our next playable character.

Operation Hawkeye: Future Imperfect will give players the chance to play as Clint Barton as he gets a glimpse of the future and confronts Maestro.

The long awaited ability to replay the (very good) campaign has been added to the game. The ability to replay Taking Aim and Future Imperfect campaigns is planned for a future update. Additionally, those that have Avengers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be able to upgrade to the next-gen version of the game free of charge.

For Kamala fans, there’s a brand new Ms. Marvel Night Galaxy Outfit that’s up for grabs for free on the Marketplace for a limited time.

You can read the full patch notes here.

Image courtesy of Square Enix.