2021 Roadmap Revealed for Marvel's Avengers

18 Mar 2021

It’s certainly no secret that Marvel’s Avengers had a rocky start when it released last September. Since the games launch, the developers have struggled to keep the player base invested in the game.

Today, the teams at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics hope to change that with the release of new story content, next-gen versions, and now, finally, a roadmap that will give players something to look forward to.

The roadmap starts with today’s update and continues past the summer, including the Tachyon Anomaly content which will let you form parties of four Hulks, or four Captain Americas, or whatever you want. Next up, the HARM rooms will received themed content revolving around the Red Room. A new Villain Sector with Monica and the Cosmic Cube will be released sometime this summer, as well as a new type of War Zone mission type which will let players explore the Wasteland region and take on assignments without the constraints of a typical mission.

Later this year, the War for Wakanda campaign will arive and with it, Black Panther, new hero outfits, new villains including Klaw, new faction enemies for Klaw a new Wakandan Jungle Biome, and a new outpost.

In addition, the team announced they’re working on progression for after level 50 as well as the highly-demanded Marvel Cinematic Universe inspired outfits.

Of course, everything on the roadmap is subject to change, but it’s nice to finally have an idea of what the foreseeable future looks like for Marvel’s Avengers.

You can read up on all the details regarding the released roadmap here.

Images courtesy of Square Enix.