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Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road Ending Service Later This Year

25 Feb 2021

Today, Square Enix announced that their mobile game based on the popular Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road, will be ending service later this year on May 30.

A message from series Director Tetsuya Nomura says that the story will be “coming to a close” and that “The excitement and intensity of the remaining chapters is really going to ramp up.”

Sales of the games microtransaction currency, Jewels, has been suspended as of this announcement. Players that still have them will be able to continue to use them until the end of service. Once the service for the game has ceased operation, the app will be updated to an offline version so that fans that haven’t had a chance to experience the story will have an opportunity to do so.

This won’t be the first of Square Enix’s mobile offerings to cease operations, following behind Justice Monsters Five, King’s Knight, and Mobius Final Fantasy. The major difference with Kingdom Hearts, however, is that Square Enix is planning to keep the story available in an offline version, something that the story-heavy Mobius didn’t offer.

Image courtesy of Square Enix.