Definitely Not Fried Chicken Lets You Live Out Your Drug Kingpin Dreams

Business sims are nothing new these days, but have you ever considered the angle of living out your “legitimate business in the front, thriving secret drug lord empire in the back” fantasies? Because that’s the angle that UK- based developer Dope Games is using for their debut title Definitely Not Fried Chicken. Admittedly, it’s not the first management sim game that’s related to ahem…uncommon industries. But this title aims to wedge itself into letting you live out the Gus Fring lifestyle, while also giving you the trappings that come with business management gameplay.

Announced mid-last week, Definitely Not Fried Chicken will have you spinning multiple plates as you manage the “legitimate” business of your choosing set in the ’80s. You won’t be limited to just managing what amounts to a Los Pollos Hermanos in this game, though, but you’ll also have the chance to diversify into other fields like (per the press release) laundromats and nightclubs.

Naturally, everything that comes with running such a business has you tending to every need that customers and employees are asking for. Keeping tabs on what customers like as well as listening to the concerns of staff will not only keep things running smoothly, but also keep that sweet cash flowing so as not to tip off the authorities to the seedy activates going on behind the scenes.

If you know your Breaking Bad, then you know how the less-than-legal side tends to play out. However, like the legit side of things, you’re not limited to one option for the controlled substance of your choice. You’ll have the same amount of control, yes. But this unsurprisingly comes with the added complication of rival narcos and “enthusiastic customers” as well.

Because of that, the management side switches gears to not only managing the seedy activities of your drug manufacturing staff but also defending your product as well. Not only that, but keeping things quiet also keeps the cops out of the loop allowing you to let that drug money roll in as much as possible.

Painted with a dark and offbeat sense of humor, Definitely Not Fried Chicken is set for release “later this year.” While the game can be wish-listed now, I’m hoping to see some of the layers peeled back as development progresses.

Images and screenshots courtesy of Merge Games