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FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: Matoya's Relict

11 Dec 2020

Matoya’s Relict is a Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest dungeon. It’s available at level 80 as part of the quest Like Master, Like Pupil. It can be completed via the duty finder and was part of the Patch 5.4 Expert Duty Roulette.

Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking terms of multiple group pulls.

THIS GROOVE!!! Ever wanted to boogie down with a frog? You probably do now.

Encounters 1 & 2

2 Relict Werewood, 2 Exoray, 2 Cave Mantis, & 2 Cave Taratula Hawk

  • Ovation – A linear AoE from the Werewood, focused on a random player.
  • Apitoxin– A circular AoE cast by the Taratula Hawk and centered on the ground below a random player.

Encounters 3 & 4

3 Spriggan Quarrier, 4 Spriggan Stonebearer, & Sonny of Ziggy

In an oddly cute twist, the previously-defeated Ziggy’s son seeks revenge!

  • Jittering Glare – A long, thin, conal AoE cast by Sonny of Ziggy toward a random player.
  • Jittering Jounce – A linear AoE cast by Sonny of Ziggy, focused on a random player. The AoE follows the player as they move.
  • Romp – A short, wide conal AoE cast by the Spriggan Stonebearer toward a random player.

Mud Man

The name says mud, so it’s just dirt, we swear.

  • Hard Rock – A tank buster.
  • Petrified Peat – Four balls of mud land in a pattern: 1 north, 1 south, 1 east, and 1 center.
  • Peat Pelt – When the cast completes, each player is tethered to one ball from Petrified Peat. The balls will eventually roll toward their tethered targets and the goal is to aim them at one of the holes around the edge of the arena. You can spread out, each player going to a different hole, or you can share. If your group decides to share and you’re all standing together, know that you’ll take damage from each ball you find yourself in the path of. If you miss the hole, the ball becomes larger and does significantly more damage to you the next time it rolls your way. A third hit will kill you without healing, but the ball gives up on making it into the hole and rolls off into oblivion after that.
  • Brittle Breccia – Three waves of AoEs will move outward from the boss, one showing up after the other. The AoE is donut shaped, but with a 1/4 of the circle missing in the area behind the boss. You can either stand behind the boss, stand far away from the boss, beyond the range of the 3 waves, or stand on the AoEs and move inward to safety after a wave goes off.
  • Stone Age – An arena-wise blast of damage from the floor.
  • Hard Rock*
  • Petrified Peat – Once again, 4 balls of mud fall: 1 north, 1 south, 1 west, and 1 center. You’ll also notice 2 additional Mud Men hanging out in 2 of the holes around the arena.
  • Peat Pelt – Aim your mud balls for the 2 open holes, avoiding the 2 occupied ones.
  • Brittle Breccia
  • Stone Age
  • *Repeats from Hard Rock.

Encounters 5 & 6

2 Cave Pugil, 1 Cave Gelatin, & 3 Cave Opken

  • Screwdriver– A short, wide conal AoE cast by the Pugil toward the player with highest hate.

Encounters 7 & 8

5 Cave Pugil, 2 Cave Opken, & 3 Cave Hropkin

Encounter 9

3 Cave Gelatin


It’s super cute, but will super drown you.

  • Crash-smash – Nixie summons an icicle to each cardinal point of the arena, which each begin casting:
    • Crack – Each icicle tethers to the player with highest hate (hopefully your tank), eventually launching at them. As a tank, you may wish to go to the center of the arena to even out the quadrants of safety your fellow players have to stand in, especially with later combined mechanics, but it’s not really necessary. All other players should avoid standing along the icicle’s tether paths!
  • Shower Power (1) – Nixie will tether to one side of the arena or the other, activating the 3 of the 4 water pipes there. You’ll see these indicated by the pipes lighting up blue around the rims. Stand on the row of blocks on the floor that matches with the inactive water pipe.
  • Pitter-patter – Trixie Nixie will abandon the battlefield, creating a cloud to watch you from on high, while the field fills with random water spouts. Use the geysers along the front of the arena next to the cloud to launch your character up onto it. Meanwhile, Nixie is creating 5 more as-of-yet unfinished version of itself. Take them out before they finish their casts of Singin’ in the Rain or it kills all players.
  • Shower Power (2)* – Once again, 3 of 4 pipes will light up on the tethered side of the arena, but in addition, each player will be marked with a circular AoE that travels with them. Spread out along the safe row.
  • Crash-smash – Just like the previous mechanic, this Crash-smash spawns the same icicles with tethers as before, but each of the non-tank players will be targeted with a circular AoE that travels with them. Avoid each other and the icicle tethers.
  • Shower Power (1)
  • Splish-splash – This happens in combination with the previous Shower Power, so make sure you’re still on the safe row while avoiding the geysers that appear.
  • *Repeats from Shower Power (2).

Encounters 10 & 11

Louisoix in the Sky~y with Diamonds ♪.

1 Lava Phoebad, 1 Relict Licorice, 1 Relict Flan, & 2 Pyroduct Eldthurs

Between the 2 groups of mobs, a large Molten Phoebad will emerge from the “lava” to block your path with linear AoEs. If you move quickly enough, you can run right by, or you can wait. The choice is yours!

  • Mash – The Eldthur will channel a linear AoE, initially focused on a random player, but staying stationary on the ground after the player clears out of the way.
  • Spin – A large, circular AoE, centered on an Eldthur.

Encounters 12 & 13

2 Relict Slime, 2 Relict Syrup, 1 Relict Marshmallow, 1 Relict Bavarois, 2 Relict Pudding, & 1 Lava Phoebad

The Molten Phoebad returns, once again trying to block your path.

  • Thunder III – A circular AoE, cast by the Bavarois, centered on the ground under a random player.
  • Ancient Aero – A large, linear AoE, cast from the Marshmallow toward a random player.
  • Fire II – A circular AoE, cast by the Pudding, on the player with highest hate.

Encounter 14

1 Molten Phoebad

Having figured out that his efforts to block your path are useless, the Molton Phoebad faces you head on! Note that even though he starts halfway in the lava, you can pull him out of it, and should if you have melee DPS.

  • Hot Lava – A conal AoW focused on the player with highest hate.
  • Volcanic Drop – A circular AoE cast on the player with highest hate.

Mother Porxie

Let’s welcome our creation into the world by… beating it up?

  • Tender Loin – A fairly hard-hitting, arena-wide, unavoidable AoE.
  • Huff and Puff – The mother Porxie will retreat to one side of the arena and project a field of knock-back across the entirety of the floor from her position. At the same time, she’ll cover the arena fully in a blanket of AoE indictor, except for a circle of safety in the center. Knock-back nullifiers DO NOT WORK here, so stand in her face so that her knock-back tosses you into the middle safe zone. Move the boss to the opposite side of the arena in preparation for the next mechanic.
  • Meat Mallet – The boss will charge up to jump to her previous location on the side of the arena, creating a proximity based AoE pulse. While charging up, she won’t move, so your preemptive positioning after the previous mechanic will give you more up time.
  • Barbeque – Even though she’s jumped to the opposite side of the arena from you, don’t be fooled into running toward her. Stay on the side of the arena that was safe during Meat Mallet and get ready for Mama Pig to try and snort you into her firepit. If you do happen to end up closer to her, don’t despair just yet. Until her snuffling pulls the first set of books off the wall, you can still move away from her. However, once that first linear AoE that they create completes, every time that you move left or right, you’ll be dragged a little bit closer to a delicious death. “Why would I move left and right, then,” you ask? As previously mentioned, some of Matoya’s scattered items will get caught in the snout suction, creating linear AoEs from east to west, and small, circular AoEs at semi-random intervals. If you run out of room and find yourself on the Bar-B, you’ll die. This might sound like a lot, but the breakdown is simple:
    • Make your way to the side of the arena furthest from Mother Porxie.
    • Run directly east, only moving (relatively) right and left to avoid AoEs.
  • Minced Meat – A tank buster.
  • Mother Porxie flutters up into the rafters, leaving an Aeolian Cave Sprite to deal with you while she charges her next attack. It happens to be a hidden version of Huff and Puff.
    • The Sprite will repeatedly cast the linear AoE Buffet, (even *this* is a food reference, ah, language~), while you kill it.
    • Defeating the sprite tosses you in the air, where you can have a quick look at which direction the boss is casting her spell from. Run there when you land!
  • Open Flame* – Each player will be marked with a circular AoE that travels with them.
  • Minced Meat
  • Tender Loin
  • Tender Loin
  • Huff and Puff
  • *Repeats from Open Flame.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Matoya’s Relict!

As always, thanks to the friends who endure countless runs of this content to answer my many guide-related questions. You guys are the best ♥